Jack Osbourne’s journey from wild child to 'Alpha Dogs' executive producer

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Jack Osbourne's newest TV endeavor, "Alpha Dogs," premieres Feb. 8 on Nat Geo Wild. He and Rob Worsoff are executive producers of the docuseries, which takes an inside look at the intense training process for an elite force of dogs that work with the police and military. At Indiana's Vohne Liche Kennels, one of the largest police dog training facilities in the nation, the dedicated canines practice dangerous duties ranging from bomb detection to repelling down a building.

Osbourne first entered the TV scene as a rebellious, curly-haired teen with plenty of attitude. He bickered with his sister, Kelly, and endured typical teenage drama while MTV viewers watched. His stereotypical angst and wild antics on "The Osbournes" took a dark turn when he tried to overdose on prescription drugs. The attempted suicide followed Sharon Osbourne's colon cancer diagnosis. Jack went to rehab and overcame his drug and alcohol addiction. The troubled teen reinvented himself and grew into a polished TV pro with a variety of impressive credits and ambitious endeavors. Check out this cheat sheet to his career evolution.

Riding a wave of fame created by "The Osbournes," Jack made multiple cameos in movies and TV shows, such as "Austin Powers in Goldmember" and "Dawson's Creek." He made his feature acting debut opposite Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen in "New York Minute."

Apparently unfazed by his days on "The Osbournes," Jack appeared on a variety of reality shows, TV documentaries, and game shows. He revealed a sleek hairstyle and slim physique as he shared his more adventurous side on the UK's "Jack Osbourne: Adrenaline Junkie." The show featured him performing grueling feats, such as bungee jumping, extreme marathons, and mountain climbing. Later, he explored his interest in a law enforcement career on "Armed and Famous." He and other celebrities trained to become reserve police officers and patrolled the streets of Muncie, Indiana.

In 2009, the Osbourne family tried to recapture TV magic with a new reality show, "Osbournes Reloaded." Jack executive produced the short-lived program. In 2011, he executive produced a documentary about his dad Ozzy.

Jack seemed to experience a major setback in 2012 when he publicly revealed his multiple sclerosis diagnosis. Subsequently, his gig on NBC's military-inspired competition show, "Stars Earn Stripes," fell apart. The move led to discrimination claims and a public feud between momager Sharon and the network. Jack appeared on his mum's gabfest, "The Talk," and explained how the show let him go via e-mail. NBC denies discrimination allegations and claims it never officially hired Jack.

Today, Jack is a married father and busier than ever with his production company, Schweet Entertainment. The prolific performer is currently using his social media connections to recruit participants for upcoming TV shows. He investigates paranormal activity on "Haunted Highway" and works as a senior correspondent for "Fuse News."

Tune in for the premiere of "Alpha Dogs" on Friday, 2/8 on Nat Geo Wild at 9 PM ET.

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