'Jersey Shore' final season preview: What fans should expect

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The swan song is almost here for "Jersey Shore." The final season will begin on Oct. 4, and expectations are high. After five seasons, what more is there for fans to expect? While this season will offer a few different elements that previous seasons haven't, dynamics are likely to remain somewhat the same. That means plenty of booze, plenty of fighting, and plenty of tears. With the sixth and final season almost here, here are a few things you should expect to see.

Mike will still be Mike

Earlier this year, Mike went to rehab due to struggles with prescription drugs. That humbling experience no doubt changed him, but don't expect Mike to stop instigating drama. The gang will likely talk about his rehab stint in an early episode, but his roommates still won't trust him. The first time he sets foot in Karma, expect the drama to start flowing. It would be a shocker if Mike doesn't instigate Snooki, his favorite target over the last few years. Everyone hopes that he is really clean, but it's safe to assume that he will still be the source of drama.

Ron and Sam will fight, and stay together

Ever since Italy, the on-camera relationship between Ron and Sam has been relatively smooth. The couple barely fought during the last season, and that was a pleasant surprise. Don't expect a repeat of that this season. The two announced that they had broken up at the last reunion show, but it's also known that they are back together. Obviously, things aren't so smooth in their love affair. Earlier teasers for the new season have shown a drunken Ron yelling at his girlfriend, so expect some fireworks. However, the two will ultimately stay together...right?

Expect to see a lot of Snooki

Snooki might be living in a new house, but her camera time won't suffer. Expect her to spend plenty of time with her roommates at the old house. In addition to that, expect her to join the gang at night clubs throughout Seaside Heights. She might not be drinking, but Snooki is the type of person that doesn't need booze to show her personality. With that in mind, the difference in Snooki from last season probably won't be as drastic as many think.

There will be a sweet send-off

No matter how much fighting the group does this season, chances are that they'll have one last "family dinner" to close out the show. It doesn't really matter if they are all friends when the cameras aren't rolling or not. At the end of the day, they have been through a lot together. In the final episode, it would only be fitting to have everyone sit around the table and talk about how great their experience has been. However, there won't be any talk about doing it again next summer. Because of that, the final scene with all eight roommates will be about as sincere as "Jersey Shore" has ever been.
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