'Jersey Shore' recap: Mike finally talks to Snooki, makes nice

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It was an apology-filled episode for the "Jersey Shore" guidos and guidettes. Not only did Vinny talk to Jionni, but Mike finally decided to end his long feud with Snooki. This was one of the season's main storylines, and it looks like a resolution was finally reached. Meanwhile, the guys try to get to know Jionni a little better, and Paula gets on Mike's last nerve. Here is a recap of the latest episode, "Awkward!"

Mike finally apologizes

It's been building all season, but Mike finally decided to apologize to Snooki. After he was largely ignored by his former friend at the baby shower, Mike realizes that enough is enough. He wakes up the next day and heads next door to talk to Snooki. Much to Snooki's surprise, Mike actually gives a heartfelt apology. He blames himself for ruining their friendship and realizes that there's a chance that Snooki might never forgive him. She appreciates his genuine remarks but tells him that there was so much damage done.

Mike says that he hopes she accepts his apology, and that he's there for her if she ever needs him. Snooki is a little hesitant but accepts the apology.

The two end the conversation with a high-five, which is a great sign of progress for them. Later on, Snooki and Mike actually connect while talking about Paula. Mike feels confident that they are on track to becoming friends again.

Jionni hangs with the guys

At the beginning of the episode, Jionni makes peace with Vinny. He appreciates Vinny's efforts to make nice, and he's glad that that little bit of drama is over. As soon as the two return to the baby shower room, JWoww stirs the pot when she subtly accuses Jionni of not being around enough. The two argue a little bit, and Jionni can't understand why she's on his case. This topic pops up again later when all four guys invite Jionni to a cigar bar.

Not only are they hoping to get to know him better, but they want to make sure that he will take care of their "sister." They grill him about his intentions, his family, and his job prospects. Ron brings up the fact that he's not around enough, and Jionni tries to explain the situation. It's awkward for a little while, but everyone warms up to him. It looks like Jionni has been accepted into the shore family.

Paula is back

It's been a couple of weeks since Mike ended his brief relationship with Paula, but the two still share a connection. Paula gives Mike a sweet letter at the tanning salon, and the two have plans to meet up at a club later that night. Things are going okay for a while, but it turns ugly when Paula asks Mike to hold her drink. He says he can't do that because of his rehab situation, and she gets upset. The spat gets worse when Paula shoots Mike a nasty look as he talks to other girls. She eventually leaves with a friend, and it's unclear where the two stand.
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