'Jersey Shore' recap: Mike goes back on the market

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The latest episode of "Jersey Shore" was heavy on situations for "The Situation." Mike has come to the realization that he can't deal with Paula's new habits, which leads to a breakup plan that unfolds throughout the episode.

Given the way Mike handles the preparation, and the actual event itself, this will go down as one of the stranger TV breakups ever. Meanwhile, his fractured relationship with Snooki is still an issue. While everyone is happy at how far Mike has come in his sobriety, they all want to know if the relationship between the two roommates can ever be mended. Between that and his Paula issues, there's a lot happening with Mike. Here is a recap of the latest episode, "Make It Unofficial."

Mike's bizarre breakup

After a mere 10 days with Paula, Mike decides that the time has come to cut her loose. It seems that he can't handle the changes that Paula has shown since the two first made it official. According to him, he'd much rather date a girl like his mom and sister. Pauly and Vinny agree, but they can't help but laugh at how short Mike's relationship lasted. In fact, they even introduce him to a couple of girls as a single guy before he has even pulled the trigger on the breakup. That starts a trend of Mike basically telling everyone about the split except Paula. Not surprisingly, the news gets back to her through her friends at work.

Paula calls Mike on the duck phone and demands that he tell her what's going on. Mike backpedals a bit and seems more concerned with where Paula heard the rumor than the actual fact that he started it. Paula starts to cry, and Mike says that he will visit her at work later in the day.

Despite the hiccup on the phone, Mike is moving forward with his plans to end the relationship in as smooth a manner as possible. He still cares about Paula and wants to still be able to fool around with her. The rest of the gang is excited about the split, and Pauly and Vinny make a shirt that says "Let's Make It Unofficial." Ron is also planning to attend the breakup at the tanning salon, and he makes a shirt that reads "G.T.B." Of course, the "B" in this case stands for "Break up with Paula."

The majority of the roommates join Mike as he visits the tanning salon to end the romance. First, of course, he wants to get a tan in so it doesn't feel awkward later. The rest of the guys sit on the couches in the salon hoping to get front row seats to the show. However, the show turns out to be incredibly bizarre. Mike can't quite find the right words to break up with Paula and essentially says he wants to go back to the way things were. The two make out throughout the conversation, and even agree to see each other later that night. Somehow though, Paula understood that she was just dumped.

The feud between Mike and Snooki

Mike's relationship with Paula wasn't the only one that he had to deal. His ongoing feud with Snooki looks like it might be coming to a head at some point soon. While the two didn't interact with each other in this episode, their friends seemed to share some thoughts. Mike admits to everyone that he does want to apologize at some point, but only for the way he handled things. Meanwhile, Snooki seems to have mixed feelings about how much she wants him to apologize. She says the he won't be invited to the wedding no matter what, but later tells Jenny that she's still waiting to talk to him.

A shore shower for Snooki

After Snooki tells JWoww that she feels awkward being pregnant around the rest of the roommates, JWoww decides to plan a baby shower for her with her shore family. She wants to let Snooki know that everyone is there for her. Of course, there are some issues with Jionni during the planning process. Ron points out that he's never around, and the others agree. Meanwhile, both Snooki and JWoww would like to see Vinny make peace with Jionni. However, Vinny is still unsure if that's what Snooki really wants since he didn't hear it from her. He does promise JWoww that he will do it for Snooki, but we'll have to wait until next week to see if he actually does.
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