'Jersey Shore' recap: Mike makes it official

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Some major events unfolded on the latest episode of "Jersey Shore." While one relationship was just beginning, another one might be coming to an abrupt halt. Mike finally asked Paula out for real, but JWoww was left wondering if the man she loves is still with her. In other news, Deena returns from jail, and Mike continues to try and make Snooki happy. All of these stories made for a solid edition of the soon-to-be ending series. Here is a recap of the latest episode of "Jersey Shore."

Making it official

Mike has been talking about getting "wifed up" with Paula for some time, and he feels like he's finally ready. Of course, Mike can't simply ask a girl out. Instead, he opts for an elaborate plan involving a nice dinner and a T-shirt that reads "LET'S MAKE IT OFFICIAL" to mark the occasion. He also invites the roommates to dinner, though Mike sits at a table a short distance away. He finally reveals his shirt, and Paula happily accepts. However, Mike's joy suddenly turns to horror when Paula starts talking about houses, kids, and a puppy. Back at home, she requests the smush room so that the two can enjoy "sex on the reg." Mike prefers his own bed, and Paula's strange behavior turns him off a little. He talks about the situation with his trainer and decides to chalk everything up to his jitters. For now, it looks like he will stick it out in the relationship.

In other Mike news, his ongoing quest to regain Snooki's friendship took another turn. This time, Mike bought her an expensive stroller and hid it on the deck. He tried to get Snooki to come up and see it with him, but she refused. She ends up seeing it with Ron and acknowledges that it was a nice gift. Snooki thanks Mike during dinner, but it's clear that she is still waiting for that apology.

Deena's free

At the end of the previous episode, Deena was arrested for being intoxicated in public. Ron and Sam have to wait until she sobers up in jail, so they decide to enjoy some drinks on the boardwalk. They recruit some roommates to go with them to pick up Deena, but they are surprised to see that she has already called her parents. Deena is still upset over the whole incident, but her parents give her some tough love. She tells her mom that she just wanted a meatball day but understands that that excuse won't fly with a judge. The message seems to get through, but you never know with Deena.

JWoww 's drama

JWoww gets some good news regarding her ankle. It's not broken, and she won't need to wear a cast for the rest of the summer. She's thrilled, but Snooki's not overly pleased. Prior to getting the good medical news, the two purchased a pair of Rascals at a medical store. In any case, a healthy foot isn't enough to make JWoww happy for long. It's been four days since she's talked to Roger, and she's terrified about where the relationship stands. She calls him once but doesn't hear back. After talking to the roommates about it, she makes another phone call. Roger answers but doesn't seem apologetic in the least. Instead, he points out how fed up he is with her behavior and tells her to enjoy the rest of the summer with his friends. He doesn't want any part of it. The episode ends with a devastated JWoww asking where they stand.
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