Joan Collins talks ‘Happily Divorced’ and Larry Hagman on ‘The View’

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Joan Collins talks ‘Happily Divorced’ and Larry Hagman on ‘The View’

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Joan Collins

No one does glamour like Joan Collins does glamour. Youngsters take note!

While TV and Twitter recover from Lindsay Lohan's disastrous performance in Lifetime's "Liz and Dick," a real old-school glam queen is back. The doyenne of "Dynasty" is bringing all of her fabulosity and drama to Fran Drescher's sitcom, "Happily Divorced." Both women sat down with the co-hosts on "The View" to talk about Ms. Collins' new role.

For those not in the know, "Dynasty" was "The Real Housewives" before reality TV. Joan played Alexis Carrington. The larger-than-life beauty was the ex-wife to oil magnate Blake Carrington. Lisa Vanderpump, Nene Leakes, Teresa Giudice, and Camille Grammer have nothing on this kind of drama.

Joan's guest starring role on "Happily Divorced" is as a fictionalized version of herself. A camped-up Collins hires main character Peter as an assistant. "Happily Divorced" is about a divorced couple who still live together after the ex-hubbie comes out of the closet. Peter, played by John Michael Higgins, is the gay ex-husband of Drescher's character, Fran Lovett.

If the show is anything like JC's appearance on "The View," it will not disappoint. At 79 years old, Joan showed more charm and charisma in her short interview segment than most of today's starlets show throughout their entire careers. Barbara Walters asked Joan about the recent loss of Larry Hagman.

Collins intimated that she and Larry were friends who met when she was 16. On their first date, he was too nervous to even hold her hand. Of course, Hagman played J.R. Ewing on the '80s rival night-time soap, "Dallas." The actor reprised the role that made him a household name on a recent revival of the series.

Speaking of revivals, Joan is letting it be known that it's time for a new "Dynasty." She allegedly turned down one million British pounds to star on "Celebrity Big Brother." Could she be waiting for the opportunity to play Alexis again? The answer is yes. Drinks will be thrown, and faces will be slapped again if Joan has anything to do with it. Hopefully Diahann Carroll will return as Blake's illegitimate half-sister, Dominique Deveraux.

Collins also sung the praises of her hubbie, who evidently is 32 years her junior. When Joan spoke of husband Percy Gibson, her eyes literally lit up. She told Barbara, "I'm very, very lucky." She said that although her husband is the same age as her son, he has assumed a fatherly role and duties in her family.

If there's a formula for aging like a bombshell, Joan has it!

Check your local listings to watch Ms. Collins do her thing on TV Land's "Happily Divorced."

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