Jon Stewart: Moderate Republicans Prefer Being Called ‘Bipartisan Curious’ (Video)

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Jon Stewart channeled the “It Gets Better” campaign on Wednesday night as he discussed the problems closeted moderate Republicans are facing during the on-going government shutdown.

He pointed to claims by certain political leaders and analysts that a silent contingent of GOP congress members are fed up with the Tea Party and would like to make a deal with Democrats. The reason for their silence is they fear attracting a primary attack from the right wing of their party.

To that, Stewart could only say come out, come out wherever you are.

“Can’t this group of closeted Republicans understand that it’s 2013,” Stewart asked correspondent Al Madrigal. “It’s cool. The majority of Americans would respect them more if they made the choice to be openly responsible.”

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His question prompted the old nature versus nurture debate.

“It’s not a choice,” Madrigal said. “You’re either born responsible or you’re not.”

Just don’t call them moderates. Madrigal said they prefer the term “bipartisan curious.”

But there’s hope. Despite the climate of fear in Washington, Madrigal noted that their is a Grindr-like app called Votr, where moderates can meet their ideological counterparts without fear of judgment or reproach.

It has another purpose too.

“It helps me find men who will [bleep] me, but who don’t want to run through the debt ceiling,” Madrigal said. “It’s fiscally safe sex.”

Watch the video:

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