Who Will Be the Judges for Next Year's 'American Idol'?

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All three judges were a success on "American Idol" 2011, but who will return for 2012? The judges for this year's show were Randy Jackson, Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez. Will they all return for next year's show? Perhaps, one of them will be replaced, but all of these judges have been compelling enough to make the show a success so far. So what will happen now?

Randy Jackson

Randy Jackson has already announced that he will be back for the eleventh season on "American Idol." He has been with the show since it started and it does seem to be his career for the time being. Randy seems comfortable at being a judge on "American Idol." He has become well known for his great comments to contestants on the show. Will he continue to be truthful with his comments next season? Let's hope so.

Steven Tyler

With Steven Tyler's successful book being published and the making of his new song, it seemed that Steven was getting his career in gear for the future. It was unsure whether he would return to "American Idol" or not, because of his success. Now, he has announced that he will definitely be back for another year. He was very popular on the show with his unusual witty comments. Sometimes he used foul language with his contestants, but it did not seem to offend anyone or them. Will he continue to do this next season?

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is the only judge who will not commit herself to "American Idol" for another season. Her singing career has become a success again and it seems she might want to focus on this more rather than give up all her time for "American Idol." Of course, it was being on the show that got her the attention that she needed for her singing career. So will she need another year on "American Idol" to give her more chance in setting herself up for her future? Another year on the show would be good for her, but it seems she has a new show already lined up with her husband, Marc Anthony called "Q'Viva The Chosen." Can she be on both shows? It would give her more exposure and make Jennifer more popular if she continued with "American Idol" as well as her new show. A year on "American Idol" is not enough. Of course, if she leaves then who will replace her? There must be lots of other potential idol judges out there that could make a difference on "American Idol." So, if Jennifer leaves, who will they pick? It would be great to see a familiar face as an idol judge, such as, Shania Twain, Elton John, Miley Cyrus or even Paul McCartney.

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