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Yahoo! sat down with Julie Bowen, who is nominated for her portrayal of Claire Dunphy on "Modern Family." The actress shared stories of her epic night out after last year's win, and the Emmy "curse" in her family…

What makes Emmys the best night out?

I mean, it is the Emmys! It is all about TV. Sometimes when you go to Golden Globes or other events where it is mixed, we stand around being starstruck by all the big movie stars and going, "Oh my god, it's Brad Pitt!" Emmy night is the best because you kind of get to be the seniors in the high school. It is ridiculously fun. It is hard for me to believe I get to go every year.

How are you preparing?

If I repeated my winning behavior from last year, I would be really ill-prepared and my child would throw up on me in the morning. That is how it went last year. Although this year, the same child -- on the day of the nominations -- I ended up in the ER with him.

What happened?
He's fine, it was a false alarm. But we sat there in the ER and I said, "Are you telling me something?"

The Emmys bring out the worst?
I have three boys and only this one, last year, threw up on me. It was in my mouth. It was disgusting. We had a whole plan of how my husband was going to take the kids to a pancake breakfast at the firehouse. And I was going to go for a run and start getting dressed. Then we are putting the kids in the car and Johnny, one of my twins, looks at me and starts throwing up. I get him out and sit with him while he throws up for a bit and then give him a bath and some water, and he's OK and feeling better. And then…blaah…right in my face.

What is the plan for this year?
My husband asked me if we could leave the house this year when we get ready. Last year, I thought we weren't going to win or be out late. So at midnight, my babysitter was wondering where I was. I said, "I won!" And she said, "So?" I was like, "I will pay you anything to spend the night." I don't blame her for being like, "Hey, a little heads up?" But at the same time, it is like carrying around an acceptance speech to say, "Well, get ready to spend the night."

So you'll tell her at midnight?
I feel like it would be presumptuous to keep the babysitter on hold to stay late. So we'll tell her [at] midnight. Last time, Ty [Burrell] was like, "We're staying out all night -- we're seeing the sunrise!" I was like, "OK…" and at 4 a.m., I was still out. That, for me, by the way, is the sunrise. I don't know how he does it.

Where did you end up?
The last car ride of the night, I said, "The Chateau," and my driver goes, "Really?" And my husband goes, "Really?" And everyone else said, "That's fine, we support you, but you are shaking." I was so jazzed on adrenaline and I hadn't eaten -- I went home and stayed up for another day, thanks to adrenaline, and then started spontaneously falling asleep in strange places.

Do you feel like that could happen again?
I hope that I never get to a point where I am prepared for this kind of night. It is so fun and exciting and cool as hell to still be included. Every year you see new shows -- like "Girls" could win everything -- but it is fun and exciting and makes us up our game.

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