Kelsey Grammer promotes ‘Boss’ and his feud with ex-wife Camille Grammer

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Kelsey Grammer promotes ‘Boss’ and his feud with ex-wife Camille Grammer

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Kelsey Grammer

Kelsey is currently on a media tour to promote his critically acclaimed Starz series, "Boss." "Boss" is a show about Chicago's dirty politics and the twisted mayor, well-played by Kelsey. In the series, Mayor Tom Kane has a neurological issue that he keeps under wraps. Grammer brilliantly took on the role of the villain while he was being publicly bashed by his estranged and then ex-wife Camille Grammer on her reality series, "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills."

Bravo-watchers were treated to an amusing dose of wifely bitterness and personal tidbits including Kelsey's alleged unfortunate penis size and hairy back. I certainly felt a tinge of 'you-go-girl-ness' as Camille was clearly the jilted wife. Kelsey, meanwhile, seemed to be parading around his flight attendant girlfriend. It was sad entertainment for us all.

Now, Kelsey has turned the talk show circuit into his own reality show. Of course, with any breakup there are three sides: his, hers and the truth. We have no idea what true "reality" is as outside observers. No one can blame a man for wanting to defend himself. However, seeing a mother and her two kids abandoned while Daddy starts a fabulous new life is heartbreaking, no matter how many luxury properties they own.

Kelsey on OWN

Kelsey and his new wife Kayte Walsh appeared together on "Oprah's Next Chapter." The two seemed strained but madly in love as they discussed their baby girl, Faith. No woman ever wants to like "the other woman," but Kayte appeared to be a formidable figure. Kelsey told Oprah that when he met Kayte he just wanted to know what it was like to be kissed again. He also said that during his marriage, he gave Camille advice on how to hook up with another object of her affection. Ouch.

Kelsey on Conan

This week, Kelsey's appearance on "Conan" also made waves. The talented TV star wanted to set the record straight about the physical relationship with his current wife. He admitted to kissing her on the day they met, but no more. The sexual part of their relationship didn't come until months later. Kelsey told Conan O'Brien that after not having sex for a decade, it wasn't hard to wait. Yikes!

Today, Camille is calling Kelsey a liar... again. The pretty and petite former dancer tweeted, "He lied on Conan. He really needs to move on."

I think we all do.

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