Ken Paves Shares Laughter, Tears, and Fashion Tips on ‘Fashion Mob’

There are plenty of makeover shows on television but never before has there been a "Fashion Mob" - until now. On Monday, May 28, host Cat Deeley, celebrity hair stylist Ken Paves, fashion guru Jeannie Mai, and supermodel Selita Ebanks will serve as an "X-Factor"-ish panel, choosing the most worthy recipients from legions of fans for an ultimate transformation. In a recent exclusive interview, Paves talked about how the show came about and the makeover that meant the most to him.

Ken Paves Chooses Projects that Add Value to People Like 'Fashion Mob.'

Paves explained that producer Ellen Rakieten had been interested in doing a makeover show with him for years. She had first brought him on as an expert on "The Oprah Winfrey Show."

But Paves explained that he was very selective about the projects he wanted to be involved with. A regular on shows like "The Biggest Loser" and "The X Factor," Paves remarked, "I've had the luxury of picking and choosing, doing whatever it is that I wanted to do television wise, and I take a lot of pride in the fact that I've done great television with purpose. I've done shows that I thought had value to people."

Ken Paves' Charity Event Inspired 'Fashion Mob.'

Paves is also selective about the meaningful events he's involved with in his personal life. He recalled, "I did an event at my salon that I called Makeover Madness that was for Padres Contra el Cancer, which is children of Latin families struggling with cancer, that I've done for years. And I do it with Eva Longoria and some other people. I did a little quasi carnival with them where we painted; we did chalk drawings on the brick and all that before making wigs for each other, and doing fun stuff like that."

So when Paves described the event to Rakieten, she was inspired to create "Fashion Mob." Paves recounted, "I was telling Ellen about that and she was like, 'Wait, don't say that name again.' That's what we have to do. We have to do a Makeover Madness."

Ken Paves' Looked for Relatable Women for 'Fashion Mob' Makeovers.

Inspired by Winfrey to find people with engaging backstories, Paves explained his criteria for selecting makeover candidates. He said he looked for more than just physical issues, "When you see a woman that is clearly in need of a makeover, she's hiding from herself basically at the end of the day. And we need to get under that, get away from that so she can look at herself in the mirror."

Most importantly he wanted to make sure that they were women that viewers could connect with. "I also wanted to work with women who had a story so that people could not only relate to them visually and aesthetically but relate to their hurt, pain, and struggle and laughter, tears and triumphs, and even more tears."

Ken Paves' Talks About the Tears and Laughter on 'Fashion Mob.'

Yes, there will be tears. Paves described the story that touched him the most. "There's a woman on the show that was dealing with cancer and in an interesting situation where it left her skin almost where she was wearing a badge of what had happened, but she chose to wear that badge with courage and to tell her story."

But there will also be lighter moments, too. Paves revealed, "There are amazing rock star moments. We talked to one of the women who wanted to look like Tina Turner. When I tell you she looked like Tina Turner when she comes out on the stage, you're going to die. The moves, the rollin', the whole nine yards. We kill it!"

Catch all the laughter, tears, and beauty tips when "Fashion Mob" airs on Monday, May 28 at 8pm EST/7pm CST on The Style Network.

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