Will Kurt choose fashion over Broadway on 'Glee'?

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News broke recently that "Sex and the City" star Sarah Jessica Parker would be doing a guest spot on "Glee," playing the editor of Vogue.com. Producer Ian Brennan confirmed that her character would interact with both Rachel (Lea Michele) and Kurt (Chris Colfer) in New York. With Kurt's dreams to attend performing arts school NYADA currently thwarted, does this mean he might be making another career choice?

The Vogue connection

They're calling the former Carrie Bradshaw's new role on "Glee" a "guest arc," rather than "guest spot," so that means this will be more than just a quick nod to Kurt's love of fashion. The show is even having Vogue editor Anna Wintour herself design the costumes for SJP. It's likely we'll be seeing a lot of the high-profile guest star and her fabulous wardrobe.

After suffering such a cruel blow in his career aspirations, it doesn't seem enough that Kurt would get a simple meet and greet with a fashion icon. We're hoping this means he'll land himself a Vogue internship or, at the very least, a modeling job. Ryan Murphy did promise fans that our favorite "Glee" club fashionista will "triumph at Vogue.com." Whatever happens, we know Kurt will be fighting to keep all the designer clothes he can get his hands on.

Full circle

In the very first episode of "Glee," Kurt let viewers know that fashion was serious business to him. Just before the jocks threw his geeky self into the dumpster, he protested, "Please, this is from Marc Jacobs' new collection!" He carefully removed his designer jacket and handed it to Finn (Cory Monteith), protecting that coveted piece of clothing more than himself.

From that moment on, one of the joys of tuning in to "Glee" each week was seeing what Kurt would turn up in next. There's been a wide array of hats and quirky sweaters, and a seemingly endless collection of fashion-forward jackets. Who can forget Kurt wearing a tailored clear plastic trench coat to protect his designer duds from slushie stains? Then there was the sleek, Beyonce-inspired "Single Ladies" number. There have been hits and misses, but no one can deny fashion is as much a part of Kurt's life as music.

Which one will he choose?

One of the themes of "Glee" this past season is that what you dreamed of doing as a kid doesn't always become a reality. Even with the hyper ambition and planning of someone like Rachel, life can throw you a curve ball. With Kurt's NYADA application denied, will he keep pursuing his musical dreams or embrace his sartorial interests?

Since "Glee" is a musical show, it's a good bet that the guy who totally rocked his NYADA audition will get himself another shot at the big time. Even if he doesn't get into his preferred college, a lot of people have made it in show business without a fancy performing arts school degree. If Kurt does dabble in fashion, we're guessing it will be a mere detour to his ultimate goal of being a Broadway star.

What do you think, "Glee" fans? Will Kurt change his goals from musical theater star to world famous designer?

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