The latest ‘Breaking Bad’ fan theory: Walt killed Skyler

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"Breaking Bad " fans love to speculate about what will happen next on their favorite show. Now, there's a new theory about the show that's getting a ton of attention on Internet TV blogs and message boards. That theory is this: Walt killed Skyler prior to the events at the Denny's in the Season 5 opener.

This isn't like Season 6 of "Dexter," where a dead character seemed to be alive because of hallucinations. This fan theory suggests that Skyler will be killed in the future, based on some evidence from the Season 5 premiere, which was a flash-forward scene set a year ahead of many of the events that were shown throughout the course of the season.

The theory is based on some pretty compelling evidence. Over the course of the series, Walt has been shown to have an interesting habit: Every time he kills someone, he takes on a characteristic of the person he's just killed. It might be intentional, or it could just be subconscious guilt rearing its head.

Eagle-eyed viewers will note that after killing "Krazy 8" Molina in Season 1, Walt took on the habit of cutting the crusts off his sandwiches. Krazy 8 had this habit and talked with Walt about it shortly before Walt killed him.

Gus Fring drove a Volvo. Though he had the money for a flashier car, Gus preferred to drive something that gave him a degree of anonymity. After Walt kills Gus, Walt is seen driving a Volvo in the Season 5 premiere, at the Denny's.

Walter generally drinks his liquor neat, while Mike drinks his "on the rocks." After Walt kills Mike, however, he starts drinking his alcohol on the rocks.

Therefore, some fans are arguing, Walt likely killed Skyler prior to his lonely birthday breakfast at the Denny's in Season 5. Back in the first season of the show, it was established that Skyler would always place bacon in the shape of Walt's age on top of his breakfast plate. In the Season 5 opener, Walt is making his own bacon numbers.

There's some additional evidence to support this theory. Walt's fake ID is a New Hampshire license under the name "Lambert." That's very significant: Skyler's maiden name is also Lambert.

But the "bacon numbers" trait could be misleading. While it's true that Skyler has been seen doing this for Walt, there's also an episode where Walter, Jr. gets involved in the bacon process. Perhaps it isn't Skyler that Walt will kill, but rather his own son.

Whether these murders are planned or accidental remains to be seen. They might not even happen at all. But it's a compelling theory that's sure to keep fans talking until the finale airs next summer.

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