The latest ‘Glee Project’ castoffs talk about the understandably cold elimination process

Lily Mae Harrington and Michael Weisman Relive the Call Back List Disappointment

The latest ‘Glee Project’ castoffs talk about the understandably cold elimination process

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LIly Mae Harrington and Michael Weisman from "The Glee Project."

Everyone knows that show business can be rough. So it's not surprising that along with all the excitement and good times of being on "The Glee Project" comes some harsh reality checks, as well. In a recent conference call interview, the latest castoffs from the second season of the show talked about what it was like to read their names on the list that said they were not called back for the final episode.

The eliminated 'Glee Project' contestants were both strong competitors

Nineteen-year-old Lily Mae Harrington seemed like a strong contender to be winner of a seven episode story arc on the next installment of "Glee." The contestant with the booming voice from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, came to the show with bravado -- both vocal and emotional. But she got into trouble early on for pushing back against her mentor's critiques.

Michael Weisman, 19, was also a favorite. But he suffered from the fact that he wasn't quite as good as his biggest competition on the show, Blake Jenner. Michael didn't sing as well in the recording booth. He didn't shine as brightly in the music videos. And he didn't act as naturally in the fake movie trailer.

The eliminated 'Glee Project' contestants describe the cold call back list process

Still when it was time for last week's double elimination, they both seemed a little bit surprised to be sent home. But as friendly and supportive as their mentors had been throughout the season -- even tearing up on occasion at a moving performance or especially painful goodbye -- there wasn't a warm send off for the outgoing performers.

Harrington revealed what happened after she read her name on the call back list. "It is a little cold to be honest. But we have to remember that we're in a competition, and we're on a show, and it has to be a little impersonal for them to do their job properly."

Michael Weisman understands the 'Glee Project' sendoff

For his part Weisman saw the reality of the detached farewell. He remarked, "I would rather watch that. I would like to see the cold version rather than the happy, nice like, 'Well, we're really sorry, but we're going to have [to let you go]…' No, I like it. It makes sense to just have a call back list."

Of course, that wasn't his immediate reaction to the news. Her recalled, "It took me a while to grasp that and come to terms with it because we're living there, and it's our life. It's everything that we eat, drink, and breathe for however long that we're there."

There are three competitors left - Jenner, Aylin Bayramoglu, and Ali Stroker. See who wins on "The Glee Project" season finale on Tuesday, August 14 at 10PM EST/9PM CST on Oxygen.

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