‘Law & Order: SVU’ Writers Rage the Right Way Over Ruined Set

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Last week, it wasn't just the sleazy sex offenders who made for a lousy week on "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit." First, their superbly realistic set was disrupted by real protesters of from the Occupy Wall Street movement who seemed unable to show appreciation for series producer Warren Leight's pledge that the protesters "would have been portrayed sympathetically" until they brought ruination upon the set. Adding injury to unplanned insult, actual NYPD officers rescinded the show's filming permit and shut down production, ordering all the painstakingly authentic props to come down piece by piece. Needless to say, the show's writers had something to say about the whole messy affair to both sides involved, represented in an open letter by the Writers Guild of America-East.

In a scolding but nonpartisan tone, the letter says, "...the demonstrators' actions were as misguided and inappropriate as the City of New York's response," and that both sides "did not set out to achieve a common end but together they prevented the scene from being filmed and the story being told." The message admonishes the parties to make this "SVU" debacle one never to be repeated and leaves the door open for communication. After such a literal and literary messy situation, how nice to see a "live and forgive" focus.

Now the writers can busy themselves with the business of building story lines beyond those painful, reflective glances between new detectives Amaro and Rollins (Danny Pino and Kelli Giddish) and sole steady standard bearer Detective Benson (Mariska Hargitay). We've seen the Skype with the deployed wife, so we know Amaro's marriage has almost no hope, but let's see more moves to build some trust between him and Benson besides knowing how she takes her morning coffee! Rollins has confided "assault issues" to Olivia in her past jobs, and no one knows sexual harassment on the job better than Benson, so let's get them on the same side. If the writers can mediate between OWS protesters and the real NYPD, surely they can break the ice a little more briskly for their "SVU" precinct sharers in Season 13 while holiday reruns play!

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