Leading theories about how Season 7 of ‘Dexter’ will end

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The "Dexter" Season 7 finale is entitled "Surprise, [Expletive]!" It will air on December 16, but fans and TV bloggers alike are already speculating about how the season will end. Here are some of the most intriguing, interesting, and just plain "out there" ideas that are circulating around the web. (Spoilers ahead for anyone who isn't caught up!)

Theory 1: Deb becomes the new Big Bad

The current season of "Dexter" has deviated from the normal formula, in that there is no "Big Bad" that has run the length of the season. Hannah McKay turned into a love interest, and Isaak is already dead. One fan thinks that the real Big Bad of the season will turn out to be an existing character: Deb Morgan herself.

Here's the theory, espoused by Dustin Rowles of Pajiba.com:

"Debra, who knows that Dexter is a serial killer and has, in fact, put in a request to have Hannah killed, is most likely to take matters in her own hands. Dexter, rather than having to choose between his girlfriend and his sister, will have that choice taken away. Hannah is going to end up on a table wrapped in plastic, but it won't be Dexter's table. It will be Debra's. After Debra murders Hannah, she'll alienate Dexter, setting up a final season that will pit serial-killing brother against a sister who has a sudden thirst for killing."

Theory 2: Quinn kills Batista

Most "Dexter" fan theories revolve around the titular serial killer, so it's nice to see a fan thinking about what will happen with some of the show's secondary characters. This intriguing theory comes from Kevin Taylor of ScreenInvasion.com:

"Batista will find the tape, and he'll know that not only did Quinn pull the evidence, but it's much more likely he killed George in cold blood…I think the big twist will be Quinn killing Batista…Quinn has already murdered for Nadia once, and they are already writing Batista out of the show…so it's a perfect time to kill him."

Theory 3: Dex goes on the run, Deb leads the manhunt

This is an old theory, but a very good one. Originally proposed back in 2011 in this Warming Glow article, author Josh Kurp suggests that a great way to set up the end game for the show's final season would be to have Dex go on the run.

"It'd be great if the final 12 episodes abandoned all the awful, awful humans at Miami Metro, and spent the entire season in a 'Fugitive'-like chase between Deb and Dexter. In the last episode, she finds him [and] she puts an end to Dexter's butchering ways."

Though it's an old theory written before Season 7 started airing, it's still a valid possibility. A great twist would be to have Dex on the run from LaGuerta and Matthews, with Deb acting as her brother's "double agent" to keep him abreast of the police department's next move.

One final thought: the "Dexter" Season 7 finale is entitled "Surprise, [Expletive]!" This is a callback to Season 1, where Sgt. Doakes said precisely those words to Dexter in the episode "Born Free." That's probably an indication that Doakes will be involved in the finale in some way.: Perhaps he will be vindicated after all.

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