LiLo vs. Helena Bonham Carter: Who's the Better Liz Taylor? [Photo]

BBC America reveals the first photo of Carter as the Oscar winning actress with Richard Burton played by Dominic West.

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"Burton and Taylor"

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"Burton and Taylor," starring Dominic West and Helena Bonham Carter, as Hollywood?s most famous volatile on-again-off-again lovers, Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. The 90-minute drama follows their private and public relationship played out against their ill-fated appearance in a 1983 revival of Noel Coward's stage play, "Private Lives." "Burton and Taylor" premieres this fall on BBC America.

There couldn't be an easier act to follow than Lifetime's "Liz & Dick." The much-laughed-at epic biopic offered a depressingly filler-faced Lindsay Lohan playing dress-up with lesser-known Grant Bowler attempting to be the Dick to her Liz. It didn't work. They had no chemistry. The rumors of on-set turmoil were more exciting than the resultant movie.

And may we just say: Dear Hollywood, Asking an actor to sit in a director's chair and be fake-interviewed for a fake documentary and using the footage to spell out subtext is usually a really bad idea.

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Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor and Bowler as Richard Burton in "Liz & Dick" (AP Photo/Lifetime, Jack Zeman)

So it's no wonder that BBC America went ahead and made "Burton and Taylor," yet another Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton movie. BBC America's fancier looking TV film has highbrow actors Helena Bonham Carter — hello, a million Tim Burton movies — and Dominic West — um, "The Wire" is definitely more respected than Bowler's recent credits. But of course, "The Wire" is pretty much more lauded than everything else.

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One thing's for sure, pretty people look even prettier when they dress up like old-school Hollywood royalty. Just look at the above picture that BBC America released today.

Where "Liz & Dick" aimed to be larger than life and spanned several years, "Burton and Taylor," debuting this fall, takes a more surgical approach to the notoriously cantankerous marriage. It takes place in 1983 during a revival of Noel Coward's play "Private Lives." So, no, you won't get to see Bonham Carter do '80s hair and giant sunglasses à la Lohan à la Taylor.

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Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor, 1965

We must say, a glance at the real couple, seen here lounging all lovely on rocks — because rocks are supercomfy — reminds us that the real Taylor and Burton were imposingly striking. Their eyes were pretty much electrified and they were both incredibly talented. They are the ultimate tough act to follow, imitate, or impersonate.

Except maybe for John Belushi in "Saturday Night Live."

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