How Long Will 'The Walking Dead' Survivors Be at the Prison?

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While we know that Rick's crew will be entering the prison during Season 3 of "The Walking Dead," we do not know for sure how long they will be there. Based on what fans know will happen in the new season, we can infer how long the cast will stay there. Fans can also take a look at what has happened in the past on the show and predict when they will leave the location.

Past Examples

Both previous seasons of the show ended with the characters moving on to another location. It would make sense to keep this trend going. This gives each season its one unique location and overall feel. It also gives fans a sense of closure for each location and shows how the characters can only have utopian protection for a short time and then it is time to move on. Based on past practice, it should be figured that the survivors will be leaving the prison during the last episode of Season 3.

The Governor

We know that The Governor will be entering the fray during the third season. It would make sense for the crew to have time to familiarize themselves with the prison before The Governor leads his forces against Rick's crew. The first half of the season could mostly be spent in getting familiar with the prison and clearing it out. The mid-season finale could conclude with some type of run-in with the residents of Woodbury. The attack will be a major moment and would most likely come at the end of the season just like the attack on Hershel's farm.


If Lori is going to have her baby in the prison, like she did in the comic, it would make sense for the crew to be there for an extended period of time. While we do not know for sure, it should be guessed by the progression of time that she is still in her first trimester. This would provide a length of time between arriving at the prison and when she gives birth. The prison could actually stretch into two seasons, but it would go against previous examples of having to move on after a short period of time.

Fans of the comic will agree that the prison is one of the best overall locations in the comic version of "The Walking Dead." It would be a disappointment to many if the creators of the show did not give the fans at least half a season in the prison. An entire season of the location should be enough to make everyone happy.

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