'Longmire' Episode 'Death Came in like Thunder' Recap: Basque Country in Absaroka County

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Katee Sackhoff and Robert Taylor star in A&E?s ?Longmire? Mondays at 10/9c. Photo by Ursula Coyote

On Monday night's "Longmire" episode, "Death Came in Like Thunder," Branch (Bailey Chase) fights hard to win the sheriff's post while Walt (Robert Taylor) seems unaware that it's a contest. Meanwhile, Cady (Cassidy Freeman) unwittingly becomes Det. Fales's (Charles S. Dutton) informant on her own father. Oh, and there's a murder to be investigated, as well.

The murder

Walt and Vic (Katee Sackhoff) help a kid who could be described as the dumbest cyclist ever, thinking he could take a nice ride down a rocky mountain while recording it all using a camcorder on his head.

The cyclist recorded himself hitting a "rock," which turned out to be a dead body. The body is accompanied by a dead dog. The dead man was 32-year-old Marco Vayas, and he appears to have lived alone in a nearby cabin, although there was a photo of a mysterious woman by his bed.

Walt and Vic search for the Vayas family at a nearby Basque fair, where Marco's two older brothers test their incredible strength. They seem incredibly angry rather than sad, seemingly assuming right away that it must have been murder, before anyone knows anything for sure.

The mystery woman

Marco's family claims that he never married the mysterious woman in the photo. Only problem is that the photo was taken in Wyoming. Somebody is lying.

Walt and Vic find the mail-order bride service, Cyrano Caballero, along with a sleazy salesman of Latin brides. The bride salesman gives them a name, Rosa (Christiann Castellanos), but not much else other than the fact that Rosa and Marco were indeed married.

The unfolding mystery

Toxicology reports confirm that Marco was poisoned. They also find Rosa, who claims that Marco was selling his part of his family's ranch so the two of them could get a new place together. His brothers disagree, saying their brother would never sell. Who's right?

It turns out that Big Pines Timber, a lumber company, was negotiating to buy Marco's land, as well as the rest of the family's land. The only problem is that the brothers didn't seem to know anything about that because one of their wives, Maya, was the only person home when the offer came. She didn't want any part of the land to be sold, so she killed Marco to ensure his brothers could keep all of the property.

Needless to say, the brothers would rather have had Marco around than have his plot of land.

Branch's fight to become sheriff

Branch is planning a debate against Walt. That is sure to be interesting. The only thing stopping him is his politicking. He takes large donations from not-so-reputable people who think they are buying special treatment along with inside information on investigations.

Walt will never receive that kind of money because -- guess what! -- he's reputable! He would rather do his job than be a politician, which is exactly what puts him in danger of losing the race.

Cady's search for truth

Meanwhile, Cady, Walt's daughter, finds Det. Fales so she can learn the truth of her mother's death. He walks her through it, including the part about her mother's killer being found dead in her father's county.

But Walt didn't kill the murderer. Henry (Lou Diamond Phillips) seems to have taken it upon himself to do that, although he doesn't admit to it. He's got to keep Walt honest, after all, even though Walt wanted to kill the guy himself.

A quick side-note

Walt spots the gift Lizzie had brought for him, which Vic had earlier dumped in a drawer. Vic finally gives it to him, but quickly changes the subject when he asks when Lizzie had brought it by. It has been awhile. Later, Henry tells Walt that Lizzie seems to think she's in a relationship with Walt. That is going to be one strange relationship. Hopefully, fans will get deeper insight into this storyline next week.

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