'Longmire' Episode 'The Great Spirit' Recap: Indentured Servants at the Rodeo

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It was rodeo time on this week's "Longmire" episode, "The Great Spirit." But it's not all that fun when someone gets shot in the face. Oh, never mind; of course it's fun. Rodeo fans never let a little shooting get in the way of a good time!

The victim

Henry (Lou Diamond Phillips) finds a wild horse dragging someone by their ankles and calls Walt (Robert Taylor) to take care of it. The normally über laid-back Walt becomes more lively than most when Henry drives the horse toward Walt, then Walt lassos it by the neck as it runs by. Now the horse is dragging two people, although Walt is (primarily) on his feet. The horse finally stops when it tires of being pulled by the neck.

Walt spots an illegal rodeo arena nearby and decides to contact the owner of the land. Unfortunately, the only guy available is a hired hand by the name of Cal. Cal gives them the name of one of the foremen: Titus. He also puts them in contact with a manager of the corporation that owns the land.

The corporate manager is very upset to learn that the dead guy is Titus. The sheriff and his group find out when and where the next illegal rodeo is taking place. More questioning leads to Javier, the undocumented immigrant who got shot in the face at the rodeo and survived, losing only a couple of teeth. Everyone at the rodeo seems to think it's no big deal. Why would Javier kill Titus over such a small thing? Um, OK.

Titus, the savior

Well, it turns out that Titus was nice to the undocumented guys and was the only one trying to help them out. The corporate guys were treating them like slaves, paying them close to nothing for a tremendous amount of work. So who would want Titus dead? Cal, obviously!

Yeah, poor old Cal was tired of Titus giving all the rodeo money to the undocumented immigrants. He wanted a slice of the American dream, too. Living in a nice home with a regular job wasn't enough. Quick, someone get him an illegal to do his bidding!

Branch's shady friends

Branch (Bailey Chase) sure knows how to pick his friends. Walt is informed that a man by the name of Travis (Derek Phillips) is not pulling his weight. He hasn't paid the money he owes to the bank, so Walt has to take away the man's only property: his RV home. But when Travis mentions that Branch is a friend, Walt puts a boot lock on a tire and sends Branch to get the job done.

Of course, Branch just floats his friend the money instead. When the bank calls again the next day, Branch realizes he made a really stupid mistake. This time, Walt sends Vic (Katee Sackhoff) over with Branch to ensure that the job actually gets done. It's a good thing, too, because Vic is there to save Branch when Travis points a gun at his head.

Fales is on the trail again

Fales (Charles S. Dutton) has figured out that Henry may have been involved in the death of the man who killed Walt's wife. It's true that Henry did it, but nobody wants Henry to go to jail for avenging a good woman's murder. His friends are all there to lie for him, but will that sink Walt deeper into hot water?

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