'Longmire' Episode 'The Road to Hell' Recap: Cow Cops Meet Environmentalists

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Katee Sackhoff and Robert Taylor star in "Longmire" Mondays at 10/9c on A&E.

This week's "Longmire" episode, "The Road to Hell," was quintessential for the show. Where else can you find cattle rustlers and "cow cops" in the same episode as environmentalists who believe cow flatulence caused Hurricane Sandy.

Somebody call the cow cops

When a large shipment of cattle is hijacked, Walt (Robert Taylor) decides to call in a stock detective, otherwise known as a cow cop. This cow cop goes by the name of R.J. Watts (W. Earl Brown), and his entire job consists of catching cow rustlers.

A few things don't add up. The first problem is that Neil Lowry, the owner of the cattle and the Triangle Arch Ranch, was selling underweight cattle. The second is that Cooper, the driver of the truck transporting the stolen cattle, claims to have been kidnapped and thrown in with the cows but does not smell like manure.

The case splits in two

When cows begin making their way down the middle of the road wearing political signs concerning environmentally unsound cow flatulence and vegetarianism, the detectives begin to realize the theft may have been for political reasons. But when Cooper is found alive but killed soon after, the team realizes that something more complicated is going on.

It turns out that R.J.'s own son (Matt Angel) is dating an environmental activist and helped to steal the cattle. The problem is that the plan the pair hatched involved paying Cooper $10,000 to help his family out, then releasing all of the cattle for awareness. They just wanted to help Cooper, not kill him.

The cow cop wants revenge

Who knew that catching cattle rustlers was such a difficult job? R.J.'s father died in the line of duty, and one of his best men was hanged by his neck by rustlers. R.J. points all the blame at Dunwood, a former cow rustler residing in a minimum security "dude ranch" of a jail, who had been involved with R.J.'s losses.

When R.J. realized that Cooper was part of the theft, he assumed that the whole operation involved greed rather than environmentalism. He had strung Cooper up by the neck the way his own man had been strung up. He then proceeds to kidnap Dunwood after he is released from jail so he can kill him, too.

Walt is prepared after having heard R.J.'s sad story. Walt sets a trap and a roadblock, but unfortunately things don't quite work out as he'd planned. Rather than hand himself over to the authorities, R.J. commits suicide by ramming his truck into the cop roadblock, injuring Dunwood in the process.

Walt and Branch take out their rulers

Branch (Bailey Chase) has already begun fighting for Walt's job as the Absaroka County sheriff in political ways involving the news media. This time, Walt begins firing back by giving Branch the most inane tasks he can think of.

"They" found Vic

Vic (Katee Sackhoff) begins receiving flowers from someone other than her husband. She seems to become overly upset about the ordeal. When she finds one of the cards that came with the flowers, it reads "Happy Anniversary." The only problem is that her anniversary to her husband is months away. Viewers are in the dark, but Vic apparently knows what's going on, saying to her husband, "They found me."

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