'Longmire' Episode 'Sound and Fury' Recap: Henry Tries to Be a Hero

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Katee Sackhoff and Robert Taylor star in "Longmire" Mondays at 10/9c on A&E.

Henry Standing Bear (Lou Diamond Phillips) gets in over his head trying to be a hero on the "Longmire" episode "Sound and Fury." At least his actions have better consequences than they would have had were he not involved at all. Otherwise, he'd have a lot of guilt to overcome, and the most lighthearted comedic relief character would become tragic. That wouldn't be any fun!

Murder is plotted at the Red Pony

Henry overhears a man asking another man to murder his wife. The other man refuses, so Henry intervenes to take the job. The only problem is that he doesn't know anything other than what table they were sitting at and the fact that the guy with the wife will be calling him tomorrow.

Luckily, Cady began her first day waitressing at the Red Pony and remembers what "the hot one" looks like. She also remembers that he was wearing a Brown Hawk Construction vest. Too bad the hot guy isn't the one with the wife, but at least it's something. The only useful piece of information they retrieve is that the wife of the man known as Bill works at a bank.

Henry gets the call

Sheriff Walt (Robert Taylor) and his deputy set up a phone recording station at Henry's house in order to record the conversation regarding the hit. Henry waits and waits and finally gets a call; it's from his girlfriend Deena (Mädchen Amick), who expects to play some sexy phone games with everyone listening in. The most hilarious part is that she doesn't believe the cops are listening, thinking it's part of Henry's act, since what they are about to do is "against the law." Nice. The look of embarrassment on Henry's face is priceless.

When the real call comes in, it's an utter disappointment. Bill simply says that he got someone else to do the job and hangs up. At least it's enough to track the burn phone he was using, since the cell towers in the area don't get much use. That's one advantage to living in the middle of nowhere.

Catching a would-be killer

Walt discovers the man's name is Bill Norquist, which leads the team to his wife, Diane Highsmith (Andrea Roth). Bill insists it was all a misunderstanding, and the wife thinks Bill is all talk. Still, Branch (Bailey Chase) keeps an eye on the shady wife, while the Ferg (Adam Bartley) watches the husband.

Fast forward to the next day: Bill is found dead miles away on a train car. Huh? He's found near a graffiti sign of a zipper, which a nearby train hopper identifies as a scary fellow hopper known as Zip. Leave it to "Longmire" to turn what seems to be a humdrum murder mystery into something few people have ever heard of before.

A murderer is born

It turns out Zip is just a crazy guy who is newly obsessed with finding out what lives are worth after being offered $2,000 to kill Bill's wife. Instead, he killed Bill when Henry intervened and got the cops involved. So, he decides to take Henry hostage when he realizes that Henry's life is worth a trip out of town.

What Zip fails to realize is that each life is priceless to someone, and that's how Walt sees his best friend Henry. Walt and Henry spot each other on the road, so Henry spins off the road, breaking an axle. Walt then comes to the rescue, offering up his truck in exchange for Henry. He then fools Zip with a distraction, shooting him before he can get away.

Vic has a new problem

A man named Ed Gorski (Lee Tergesen), an ex-cop who used to work with Vic (Katee Sackhoff), is in town. He appears to be stalking Vic, saying one thing and doing another. He offers dinner with himself and his wife, then shows up alone. He says he quit drinking but orders a beer. He says he wants to make amends with Vic for blaming her for ruining his life, but he stares at her with a deep look of hatred. Yeah, this guy will definitely become part of a case to solve very soon.

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