The Lost Boy on ‘Law & Order: SVU’

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The Romani community is distrustful of outsiders, especially those in law enforcement. But the disappearance of a young boy, Nico, on his way home from school brings both the SVU and the Brooklyn police into their homes and their community on "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit." All the regular questions are asked and answered but still the boy remains lost, until mom realizes that someone has accessed his voice mail.

Gilbert Gottfried makes a brief appearance as the computer technician who traces and locates the "hacker" who accessed the boy's voice mail. Under arrest, they find that he is a journalist with rather interesting investigative powers that include wiretapping and computer hacking in order to get the story. His "help" leads the unit to "Mark," a developmentally disabled boy in the neighborhood, who of course comes under suspicion. Not only has he been seen with the missing boy, but also his mother hides him from the police. Two teenage girls from the lost boy's school point fingers in his direction and Det. Amaro and Rollins (Danny Pino and Kelli Giddish) search the home finding a bus pass and a not-so-lucky rabbit's foot, which belonged to Nico. Det. Rollins worries that they may be involved in "recovery" efforts and she is right. They find the boy dead after being tortured by cigarette burns and choked with his own scarf.

The final piece of the puzzle may be in the form of retribution by Nadia (Alexandra Silber) as she throws gasoline on Mark and attempts to light him on fire, calling it justice. Apparently someone told her the details behind her son's death, details only the police and the killer would have known. Mark shares that the two "helpful" girls (Courtney and Emma) came into his room and gave him the rabbit's foot after Courtney sexually abused him. Of course the girls are brought in separately and Emma blames the whole murder on Courtney claiming she tried to stop it. Courtney admits that they were just having a little "fun" but the b oy was going to tell his mom and wouldn't quit crying, so she made him stop. When asked why, she coldly asks, "Why not?"

Not much new under the sun

Again we have a dead child, a disabled person coming under suspicion, and a psychotic teenage girl though, in most instances on "Law & Order: SVU" it is usually a teenage boy. It was nice to see that all the tension with the new members of the squad did not rest solely on Det. Benson's shoulders but that everyone is learning how to work together. But so far this season it's the bad guys kicking some good guy's behind when it comes to saving children before they die. I'm hoping that particular trend takes a turn for the better pretty soon.

I'm not sure why Gilbert Gottfried was on tonight, but he had a snarky, sarcastic sense of humor in the few minutes he was on; it could be nice to see him working as part of the SVU in the future.

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