'Lost' to 'The Office': TV’s cruelest, meanest, most awful parents

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Most TV families are kind, loving, and supportive. But just like in real life, some people are completely unfit to be parents. From comedies to moody dramas, these parents are shockingly cruel to their own offspring.

Walter and Ellen Bernard, "The Office"

Andy's parents are more than just unsupportive: They're downright mean. Andy's birth name was actually Walter, Jr. However, his parents decided that Andy's little brother was more deserving of the name and changed Andy's name when he was a young child. In the episode "Garden Party," Walter insults Andy's achievements in life so far, including his role at the paper company, embarassing Andy in front of his entire staff. No wonder Andy grew up to have anger issues and feelings of insecurity.

Margaret and Christopher Ellingham, "Doc Martin"

Doc Martin's parents are introduced in the episode "The Family Way" and are revealed to be utterly loathsome people. Martin's mom refuses to speak to him all week. When she does finally break her silence, she tells her son that she regrets giving birth to him because it ruined her sex life, and basically blames Martin for ruining her marriage. As for his dad, he's only in town to force Martin's aunt to sell her farm so he can take the money and get himself a new house.

Frank and Barbara Reynolds, "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia"

Dee and Dennis have terrible parents. Granted, Frank isn't their biological father, but he did raise them. Frank also cut off their health insurance when they were 9 years old, forced Dennis into prostitution, and routinely ruined Christmas for the kids when they were young in creatively awful ways. Their mom was also emotionally abusive. Oh, and Frank once set Dee on fire. 'Nuff said.

Anthony Cooper, "Lost"

Anthony Cooper was John Locke's long-lost father who abandoned him at a young age. When the two reconnected as adults, Cooper tricked Locke into thinking that he cared about him. Cooper then stole Locke's kidney and later pushed him out a window. A window, it must be noted, that was eight floors off the ground.

Bernard and Margaret Chenowith, "Six Feet Under"

Bernard and Margaret really messed up their daughter, Brenda. These terrible parents psychologically experimented on their daughter just so they'd have some juicy material for a bestselling book. In addition, they frequently held sex parties with a young Brenda in attendance, and Brenda's mother once told her daughter that she wished she had an abortion instead of giving birth.
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