Love is in the air: Lessons TV relationships teach us

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If TV teaches us anything, it's how to have tumultuous, captivating, drama-fueled relationships. Fairy tales and lofty notions of love are coupled with libidinous, lusty exchanges that heat up the screen and call to our shameless longing for sordid spectacles. How else did "Desperate Housewives" stay on the air for eight seasons?

If anything, iconic TV couples like Ross and Rachel, Lucy and Ricky, Big and Carrie, or Al and Peg taught us that love takes perseverance and time. Living without that special someone is not an option, and when you mix in a few break-ups, a tempestuous plot twist (say, a random marriage or pregnancy), and the courage to admit mistakes, the romance becomes legendary. TV teaches us that faith, hope, and happy endings are never impossible.

Love dies out

On the current season of "The Vampire Diaries," Delena devotees finally had their prayers answered when Elena (Nina Dobrev) somehow switched off her undying love for Stefan (Paul Wesley) and realized his brother Damon (Ian Sommerholder) is where her heart lies. The lessons here are that love can be fickle, relationships are never easy, and there are often some broken hearts left in their wake. Although Elena was sure Stefan was her forever, it seems forever only lasted three and one quarter seasons.

Fight against outside forces

On "Once Upon a Time," Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin) and Prince Charming (Josh Dallas) fight against the Evil Queen, Regina (Lana Parrilla), to be together. Much like those who deal with meddling mother-in-laws, jealous friends, and overzealous families, toxic opinions can sometimes make a couple forget why they are together in the first place. Just as Snow and Charming fought to remember the undying love they risked everything for, sometimes it's necessary to fight against the forces that seek to destroy true love.

Bonded for life

The couple known as Klaine, Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Blaine (Darren Criss), on "Glee" is another pair of long-term lovebirds who faced major challenges. Careers and obligations can drive a couple apart, and a roving eye just compounds problems. Klaine proves that love never dies, even if the nature of it changes. Despite their break-up, Kurt and Blaine are still best friends and won't let anything get in the way of their bond.

Love at work

Author Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) have been a crime-solving duo for five seasons on "Castle." As sarcasm and sparks flew between the two like fireworks, they finally decided that although love in the workplace can be tricky (and even occasionally disastrous), they're willing to risk it all for love.

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