'The Lying Game': Can Emma triumph over Rebecca?

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With Season 2 of "The Lying Game" just around the corner, new details about what's to come are slowly emerging. One of the most interesting plot lines we'll see is Rebecca's (Charisma Carpenter) plan to divorce Alec Rybak (Adrian Pasdar) and reunite with the love of her teenage life, Ted Mercer (Andy Buckley). In order to do this, she'll need Sutton's (Alexandra Chando) help, but will the devious duo be able to overcome Emma and Laurel (Allie Gonino), who want to see Ted back with Kristin (Helen Slater)? Let's take a look and see who could be victorious.

Team Rebecca

Rebecca Sewell had evil written all over her from the moment she first appeared on screen. Sure, she played the sweet girl who wanted to forget all about her troubled teenage years, but there was always a glint of something sinister lurking under the surface. She wormed her way in with Alec Rybak, only to frame him for the murder of Derek (Ben Elliott), and now all that stands in the way of her getting Ted back is Emma and Laurel. Lucky for Rebecca, she has Sutton on her side. Sutton truly is her mother's daughter, with a mean streak a mile wide. She would do anything to get revenge on Emma, including splitting up the little family she created.

With Rebecca and Sutton's exceptional ability to fool everyone around them with a flutter of their eyelashes, they stand a good chance of achieving everything they want to accomplish. These ladies are not to be messed with.

Team Emma

Emma Becker had a rough year. First, finding out she had a twin sister, then being forced to take her place while Sutton went on a mission to find their birth mother. During her stay, Emma turned the Mercer household into a much nicer place, and was none too keen to leave so Sutton could return. Emma is the nice girl. The one with feelings, and morals, but she's also tougher than Sutton. Emma lived most of her life in foster care, and that taught her how to take care of herself, and protect everything she had. She formed a close bond with Laurel, and both girls were devastated when they discovered Ted had had an affair, leaving Kristin unsure about the future of their marriage.

While Rebecca and Sutton are smart and calculating, it's important to remember that ultimately, the good guys usually win out. Emma and Laurel's only interests are keeping their family together, so while there is sure to be a huge power struggle ahead, it's more likely that Team Emma will triumph in the end.

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