'The Lying Game': What will the next major plot twist be?

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"The Lying Game" has become one of the easiest teen drama/mystery shows to solve in the history of TV. That's not to say it's not brilliant -- it is -- but so far, most of the revelations have been obvious. However, with pretty much every secret now out in the open, it's time to ask, is it all happening too easily? If revealing the truth about the twins was so simple, why were people murdered, and who really stood to gain anything from it? There must be a major twist in the works, but what could it be?

Jordan murdered Derek

We've known from the moment Jordan (Ryan Rottman) arrived on the scene that he did some bad things for Rebecca (Charisma Carpenter). He was the one who made the call to the woman who helped frame Alec (Adrian Pasdar) for Derek's murder. But what if Jordan himself was the one who committed the crime? Rebecca doesn't seem like a person who would risk getting caught by killing someone herself. If she had Jordan do it, she could continue to waltz around town with a slightly clearer conscience.

Jordan is Rebecca's real son

It's hard to imagine why Rebecca would need to lie about this, but lying is what she does best. Maybe she couldn't stand the thought that she had a baby with someone other than Ted (Andy Buckley) when she was so intent on getting her "real" family back. It would certainly explain why she treats him so badly.

Alec is the liar

When we first met Alec, he was set up as the villain of the show. He had Derek under his thumb, as well as Dan (Tyler Christopher). At one point, even his own children believed he was capable of murder, but in Season 2, the tables turned. Now it seems Alec's sole mission is to have Rebecca arrested for all the crimes he was accused of. But what if he's bluffing? What if he really did kill Derek? What if he was the one who took Theresa (Yara Martinez)? He certainly had motive for killing her because she was the one who held his secret. With her out of the way, she's no longer a threat. Now, that would be an epic twist!

Alec is the father of the twins

Over recent weeks, it's been hard to shake the feeling that Alec might be the real father of Emma and Sutton (Alexandra Chando). It is implausible why else he would go to so much trouble to keep them a secret. He told Ted the reason he didn't tell him was because he was under so much stress about not conceiving, but he could have given Ted and Kristin (Helen Slater) an instant family if he'd told the truth. Instead, he split the girls up and sent them in different directions. Furthermore, Alec said that Rebecca went to him when she found out she was pregnant. Why would she do that unless he had something to do with it?

One thing is clear -- something big is coming. It's just a matter of time!

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