The Many Reasons Why 'Touch' Will Be Canceled

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‘Touch’ is certain to be canceled: What could it have done differently?

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TOUCH: L-R: Saxon Sharbino, Maria Bello, David Mazouz, Kiefer Sutherland, Lukas Haas and Said Taghmaoui. …

It's always disappointing when a show starts out awesome and then quickly nosedives into a flop. One recent example is Fox's "Touch." Although only about to finish its second season, the show has fallen from its Season 1 pedestal. Almost without a doubt, "Touch" will be canceled.

Big bang first episode, sub par second

The point of the premiere is, obviously, to catch viewers' attention. The second episode is just as important, because it must keep their attention. "Touch" had an amazing first episode, but the second episode failed miserably. After that, each episode was just a repeat of the second. It was like the mind-blowing premiere never existed. Did the creators focus all their attention on the premiere and forget they that need solid and powerful episodes every week?

Repetitive plot

On procedural cop shows, there's a death, viewers meet the murderer, the murderer is caught, and everyone goes home. On medical shows, there's an illness or injury, there's drama as to whether the patient will be healed, the patient recovers or dies, and everyone goes home. In "Touch," the kid picks a number, daddy chases the number around the world, changes someone's life, and then everyone goes home. "Touch" should not have been like cop or doctor shows. It could have done so much more.


One component that might have turned off many viewers is the unnecessary use of 9/11. The main character's wife died during the 9/11 attacks. It keeps popping up throughout the show, sprinkled in for emotional effect. It is unnecessary and off-putting. Is it because the show is all about numbers and everyone calls it 9/11? Not a good enough reason to exploit a day that changed the world.

Lack of character development

In each episode of "Touch," new characters pop up to receive some help from the numbers. Then those characters leave. Viewers never get to know anyone. Without character growth, there is no reason to keep watching. The characters and their development are important parts of what makes a show work. "Touch" is more like "Maury," where people cry out their problems, get a paternity test, and go home. The viewers never learn what happens to them after.

Lack of dialogue

The two main characters are a kid that never speaks and his dad. The majority of each episode consists of the dad yelling at his kid -- constantly asking him what he's doing. The rest of the dialogue is between other characters that never stick around. The point is to teach viewers that everyone is connected and can help the world through small bits of good will. But, mostly, viewers just hear a dad yell at his son.

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