'MasterChef' finale recap: Christine edges Josh out for the grand prize

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The third season of "MasterChef" wrapped up with another strong episode. In the finale, two unlikely competitors battled it out to win a coveted trophy, $250,000 in cash, and their own cookbook. Josh is a strong cook that had to earn his way back into the competition after being eliminated earlier in the season. Meanwhile, Christine is a blind chef that impressed on a weekly basis. Those two set the stage for a great finale, and either one would've been a worthy winner. In the end, only Christine was able to call herself the "MasterChef" champion. Here is a recap of how she beat out Josh to win the title.

Cooking dinner

After a brief reunion with their families, it was time for Josh and Christine to hit the kitchen. They each had two hours to prepare an appetizer, a main dish, and a dessert. Not surprisingly, Josh attempted to showcase his creativity with his three dishes. He made a butter poached lobster appetizer, a perfectly cooked rack of lamb, and a pecan pie with bacon in the crust. Christine went a little safer for the final challenge. She planned a Thai salad with crab, a braised pork belly, and a coconut lime sorbet. For the most part, the cooking took a back seat to the commentary from the three judges. The three judges did a nice job of keeping the competition wide open. Joe thought that Josh would win while Graham had his money on Christine. In classic "MasterChef" form, Gordon said it could go either way.

The judgment

For this challenge, the finalists served their dishes to the three judges. Appetizers were up first, of course, and Josh presented his lobster dish. While all three judges agreed that the dish was intricate and creative, they couldn't get past the fact that the lobster was undercooked. Meanwhile, Christine's simple salad got positive reviews for taste but was criticized for being a little weak for a dish in the finale.

Up next was the main course, and Josh dazzled with his lamb. Joe praised him for capturing all four seasons with his mixture of vegetables, parsnips, and meat. When it came to Christine's pork dish, all three judges loved the flavors. However, it once again seemed a little too simple for their complex tastes.

The final dish was the dessert, and it was a mixed bag once again. Josh's bold move to add bacon to his pie was lost on the judges, who can't seem to taste it at all. However, his vanilla ice cream was universally loved by the panel. Meanwhile, Christine's sorbet drew positive reviews even though the lime flavor was lacking.

The winner is declared

After the judges debated for a while, it was time to reveal a winner. Before announcing the champion, the judges offered them a round of applause and admit that both are deserving finalists. However, there can only be one winner, and Gordon revealed that Christine is that lucky person. As the confetti starts to fall, she and Josh shared a final hug, and the celebration began. Christine's victory proved that her handicap couldn't hold her back from her dream of becoming a "MasterChef" champion.
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