'MasterChef' Season Premiere Recap: Inspiring and Crazy Contestants Highlight Audition Round

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After a long break, "MasterChef" returned for a third season. The two-part season premiere featured two rounds of auditions as home cooks tried to do their best to charm Gordon, Graham, and Joe. Not surprisingly, there were plenty of talented cooks making some original dishes. Of course, there were also some crazy people out there that seemed to be looking for their 15 of minutes of fame. Here is a recap of the season premiere of "MasterChef."

The emotional stories

There were a number of contestants that entered the competition with intriguing stories. The highlight was Christine, a blind woman that managed to win over all three judges. As neat as it was to see her cook, it was her food that won over the panel.

There was Joel, a military veteran that was competing in the name of the 5-year-old son he lost to drowning. Joel prepared a Jamaican dish and managed to win over two of the three judges.

Another woman, Monte Carlo, is a single mother that has run out of money. She also impressed two of the three judges.

Those were the three most inspiring contestants, but there were other powerful stories. A husband and wife both competed, and both got aprons. Meanwhile, a smiley 18-year-old high school student fell just short of receiving one. The stories of the home cooks are always an important part of "MasterChef"; it was exciting to see some talent start the season.

The crazy contestants

Whenever your gimmick is featured more than your food, chances are that you won't be getting an apron. That was the case for a few truly strange people that attempted to impress the judges. The highlight was a self-proclaimed witch that chanted as she prepared her meal. There was also a guy that was accompanied by his monkey. A third competitor employed the use of a hand puppet and an umbrella. Naturally, none of these people received that coveted apron. In fact, it's pretty scary if they really thought they would impress the judges with acts like that.

The food

"MasterChef" is all about the standout dishes prepared by the cooks. Typically, they cook things that most people would never think to order. The audition phase offered some truly one-of-a-kind plates. There were creative dishes involving everything from lobster to elk. There was even a cook that made squirrel pie, though she didn't make the cut. As the season goes on, dishes get more creative. Based on the first two episodes, the bar has been set pretty high.

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