Meet Gibbs Ex-Wife Diane on 'NCIS'

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On "NCIS," we have heard so much about Gibbs' ex-wife, Diane, who FBI Agent Tobias Fornell also married and divorced. Now, we will finally get to see the woman who wiped out both of their bank accounts. Diane first married Gibbs after his first wife was killed. She later divorced Gibbs and left him slightly cynical about women in general. Things got worse when she married Gibbs' colleague Fornell. The end result was the same, expect Fornell had a child with her. Even Fornell's daughter wasn't enough to make him want to stay with her. To continue her love 'em and leave 'em pattern, she has married yet again. She finds herself between her two ex-husbands when her current husband gets mixed up in a joint NCIS and FBI investigation.

The episode, which is set to air in early November, is called "The Devil's Triangle." What better title for the mess Diane left behind between two friends? Luckily, their friendship remains intact. This was extremely helpful when the two needed something to laugh about. What better to talk about than a shared ex-wife?

So who could possibly handle the part of a sexy, witty, strong-willed red head who could capture the hearts of both Gibbs and Fornell? Melinda McGraw . She is best known for her role of Bobbie Barrett on "Mad Men." However, she has recently begun playing on "Men of a Certain Age" as Erin Riley. She is no stranger to television or the big screen. Just a few of her movie roles include Barbara Gordon in "The Dark Knight" and Leanne Guilford in "Nutty Professor II: The Klumps."

The gorgeous red head provides the perfect Diane. Now we can all see exactly what attracted the guys to start with. We may even see what made them decide marriage was a good idea. Regardless, Diane is likely to give both Gibbs and Fornell a headache they had tried hard to forget. The rest of the "NCIS" team are going to love seeing a glimpse into both agents' pasts. Though rare, we get to see Gibbs squirm for a change.

While we still have several weeks to wait, when Diane appears it will be well worth the anticipation. This will be an episode no "NCIS" fan should miss. With all the mentions of Diane in the past, don't miss the chance to see how badly she disrupts the lives of both Gibbs and Fornell.


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