Meghan McCain Talks to Wendy Williams About Pot Smoking and Sarah Jessica Parker! Recap

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Meghan McCain continued her blonde with ambition, rebel with a cause tour on FOX's "Wendy Williams Show." John McCain's daughter was peppy, fun, and beautiful as she promoted her new book, "America, You Sexy B****." This was a bit of a change in conversation for Williams, who usually shies away from political fare in favor of gossip and delicious scandal. Williams was still her bubbly, bright, and brilliant self, however, and a great time was had by all.

Wendy talked about Meghan being considered a "rebel" in the Republican party. McCain quipped that her dad was a "maverick" so how could anyone be surprised? She explained that she is considered at odds with conservatives because she supports gay marriage and comes out in her book as being in favor of legalizing marijuana. She stressed, however, that the "baseline of her political beliefs are all Republican" and that she only differs from the party line on "social issues." Wendy called her a "modern Republican."

Wendy, who is very candid about her own drug use, asked Meghan, "Do you smoke pot?" Meghan said that she does smoke "on occasion." She said in jest that her image has become "like Snoop Dogg." She changed her mind about the drug when she briefly lived in Los Angeles where "everyone smokes pot." Her father, she says, disagrees with her on legalizing marijuana.

Meghan also discussed Sarah Jessica Parker's recent fundraiser for President Barack Obama's re-election campaign. The fundraiser was extremely successful for the president. Meghan, who lives four blocks away, did a drive by in a taxi yelling "Romney 2012" out the window. She said that she did respect the office of the president and disagreed with SJP calling the president "the guy who..." in the ad. She also took issue with a rude reporter who recently came under fire for heckling the president at a press conference. Meghan called SJP's ad "trashy."

Wendy also asked McCain about her "haters." She has been criticized for her looks in the past. Meghan talked about getting a makeover during her father's presidential campaign. The team's image consultant cut her hair and made her "less blonde." They also tried to make her look more conservative and less buxom with wardrobe changes.

The funniest moment came when asked about Sarah Palin. Meghan said that she doesn't think about Palin except when she's in the news. She also had no idea about Bristol Palin's upcoming "Life's A Tripp" reality show. Meghan endorsed New Jersey's Chris Christie for his "swagger" as a Tony Soprano-like vice presidential candidate.

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