'The Mentalist' Season 4 finale recap, Season 5 preview: Head trips, Red John drama

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"The Mentalist" Season 4 finale, "The Crimson Hat," was both a disturbing revelation and satisfying conclusion to the season. While the episode, which flashes forward six months, was strong, the four-year hunt and battle between Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) and the notorious serial killer, Red John, who murdered Jane's wife and daughter, remains a source of frustration.

Playing on the dark side

Jane's fierce determination to destroy Red John seems to be getting in the way of common sense. How far is he willing to go? Pretty far it seems, including pretending to kill one of his own just to pander to the psychotic murderer.

Nice melon!

In order to form an alliance with Red John, Jane hooks up with someone in R.J.'s camp, Lorelai -- the Vegas cocktail waitress with the tiny shirts and plunging cleavage. When instructed to deliver the head of Teresa Lisbon, a fellow CBI agent, to prove his loyalty to the dark side, Jane fakes the shooting and produces a "head" in a box, but it was really a melon with a bad wig. No, really? Oh, yes. It was just another touch of dark humor, courtesy of "The Mentalist."

Breaking up the party

Meanwhile, the FBI was hiding out in a storage unit, ready to bust up the little "head games" meeting that was supposed to take place between Jane and Red John. This scenario led to Jane almost losing his life (and a couple fingers), Lorelai in custody, and a dead body in a limo belonging to CBI boss Wainwright.

Red John "revealed"

In Season 5, "The Mentalist" moves to Sunday nights, and fans can expect a darker turn for the series. Red John will finally be revealed, and "the audience will learn something incredibly important about Red John that makes his hunt inches away instead of miles," says series creator, Bruno Heller.

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