'Merlin' Canceled: Why It Deserved Season 6 and Beyond

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'Merlin' Canceled: Why It Deserved Season 6 and Beyond

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"Merlin" may be one of the best fantasy shows ever created, but its story ended at the end of Season 5. That is a great run for any series, and it's definitely better to end a show early than to have it become stale. A static, mundane show can erase all the good that came before it in the minds of the viewers.

The only problem is that "Merlin" was not even close to being stale. Some shows just need more seasons than others. Here's why "Merlin," in particular, should have continued into Season 6, and possibly beyond that if the story required it.

The story ended abruptly

Without giving away the ending for those who have yet to marathon the series on Netflix, the ending was quite abrupt. In fact, you could have missed it if you looked away for just a few seconds. Sometimes abrupt can be good, but not in this case.

The problem was that the ending seemed forced -- as if the writers had to quickly tie up a dangling finish, as if they originally thought the show would be renewed, then were taken by surprise. It did not seem planned out in any way.

It was one of the best fantasies ever created

The show was fantastic. It had humor, terrific acting, and even better writing. The twists and turns, and deep deviation from the original story, were expertly executed. The special effects weren't always so great, and the gobbledygook spell-casting could be a bit weird, but that only added to its charm and humor. The mythology as a whole -- and the series' unique spin on it -- was impressive.

There was much more to the story

The main thing that was missing was the retelling of what happens after Arthur (Bradley James) learns the truth. The story really took its sweet time even reaching the point where the original story began. So what happens next?

The story should have either continued from the point of the newly retold ending that was given, or at least from another point that did not end the series so abruptly. The viewers are curious about what happens in the new mythology when Arthur and Merlin (Colin Morgan) work together, with Merlin's powers on full display.


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