'How I Met Your Mother' episode 8.05 recap: Another couple bites the dust

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Ted had previously said that several couples on "How I Met Your Mother" would split, and he wasn't kidding. For the second time this season, one of the show's couples broke up. Ted and Victoria are done, but it didn't happen like you might think. In fact, the two even had a brief engagement before the relationship ended. While that was obviously the main story of the episode, there was also plenty of humor thanks to Barney and his new canine pal. Here is a recap of the latest episode, "The Autumn of Break-Ups."

Ted and Victoria

After Marshall and Lily point out that Victoria is not too keen on taking things slow, Ted begins to wonder about the future of their relationship. He feels that they are in a comfortable place, but Lily points out that the time from their previous relationship counts. The clock is ticking, and Ted needs to make a decision. He confronts Victoria about it, and he begins to realize that she is in a hurry to settle down with him. Victoria points out that something is holding them back, but neither of them can figure it out.

Ted seeks advice from his friends, and Marshall seizes the opportunity to provide help. His advice is lost on Ted, but it doesn't matter. When Victoria returns to their apartment, she finds a bunch of roses. Ted pops the question and Victoria accepts, but she has a condition. If the two get married, he can no longer be friends with Robin. Victoria makes a fair case about how Robin is a roadblock, but Ted resists. He goes to his friends once again, and Lily understands Victoria's concern.

After some deliberation, Ted tells Victoria that he can't cut Robin out of his life. She can't accept that and says that she hopes Ted gets Robin one day. With that, their relationship ends. At the end of the episode, Ted makes Marshall and Lily promise that Robin will never know why the relationship ended. However, Future Ted reveals that she does find out eventually, setting up a teaser for a later episode.

Robin, Barney, and Barney's dog

Barney has a new wingman, and this time it's an actual dog named Brover. While he seems thrilled with his new partner, Robin is concerned about him. She thinks he's taking the breakup with Quinn a little too hard. She shares her feelings with Nick, and the two agree to invite Barney to dinner. Barney arrives for dinner, and he brings Brover with him. He relays stories about how he and Brover have a mutual wingman relationship, meaning that he helps the dog find mates, as well. Of course, the dog isn't really Barney's at all. When he gets a call from the owner, he realizes he has to return it.

Barney eventually agrees to return Brover, and he cries as he prepares to say goodbye. Robin tells Nick that she is going to go with him, and he gets upset. He prepared quite a meal, which isn't too shocking because he has his own cooking show. He's offended that she has to leave, but she goes anyway. As Robin and Barney return the dog, they reminisce about when they had to return her dogs years earlier. After Barney gives the dog back, Robin assists him in landing a date with the owner. He ends up saying that she is the best wingman ever. Robin returns home to Nick, who is happy to see her; however, she's interrupted by a text from Ted. Surprisingly, Nick is OK with that. It looks like he and Robin are still going strong.

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