'How I Met Your Mother' episode 8.06 recap: Big step forward for Barney and Robin

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The latest episode of "How I Met Your Mother" took a major step forward in the relationship between Barney and Robin. The breakups continued with Robin and Nick splitting, but it was Barney's assist in the process that really stole the show. He and Robin didn't quite get together yet, but it certainly seems like it's going to happen sooner rather than later. Given this major development, the next couple of episodes should be very interesting in terms of Barney and Robin's romance. Here is a recap of the latest episode, "Splitsville."

The breakups continue

It's already been said that this was the "Autumn of Breakups," and that trend continued with Robin and Nick. After Nick suffered a groin injury during a basketball game, Robin begins to realize that their connection is almost entirely physical. The rest of the gang points out that she's right, and they mention numerous examples of how dumb Nick is. For example, he doesn't believe that Gypsies are real. She starts to think that she should dump him, but her friends have conflicting views. Marshall is concerned that Nick's emotions could impact his performance for his basketball team, but Barney thinks there's a double standard if Robin is allowed to date someone without brains. In order to push Robin to dump Nick, Barney threatens to send a "BFF Fun Day" announcement to Patrice, Robin's annoying co-worker that's obsessed with her. Robin decides to split with Nick but gets sidetracked when he gets an upsetting phone call.

Robin is hesitant to dump him given the news he received, but Barney continues to insist. He says that unless he dumps her while on speakerphone, he will send out the announcement. Robin feels a little more comfortable when Nick tells her that his bad news is simply a groin tear, and that he will miss the rest of the basketball season. However, she starts to buckle when he says that they can have sex again. Just when it seems like Robin will avoid the split, Barney shows up and delivers an incredibly emotional speech. He says that he's incredibly in love with Robin and that he can't stop loving her any more than he can stop breathing.

Robin tells Nick that Barney is right, and he ends up leaving with two women. Meanwhile, Barney gloats to Robin about how great his "fake speech" was; however, it's obvious that neither of them really believed that it was fake. They're just about to kiss, but Robin is interrupted by a call from Patrice. It turns out Barney's email went out after all, and Robin was forced to have her "BFF Fun Day."

The rest of the gang

Marshall, Lily, and Ted all played small roles in the episode, but they brought a lot of humor. Marshall's obsession with basketball and exercise made a nice complement to Lily's increasingly vulgar talk about Robin's sex life. Meanwhile, Ted started a basketball team of his own with some fellow architects, but he's much more concerned with the science of basketball than the actual game. That ultimately leads to his teammates firing him as coach, but it wasn't all bad news for Ted. His instincts went a long way in helping Marshall and Lily rekindle their chemistry. After picking up on all of the signs, Ted called them out for not having sex since the baby arrived. He happily takes Marvin for the day, allowing Marshall and Lily to finally be intimate once again.
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