'How I Met Your Mother' Episode 8.10 recap: Robin can't accept Barney's happiness

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The latest episode of "How I Met Your Mother" saw Barney in a full relationship with Patrice, a woman that you'd never think he'd date. While he seems perfectly happy with her, Robin is convinced that he's lost it. After a series of strange events, it seems that Robin is the one who can't come to terms with reality. Here is a recap of the latest episode, "The Over-Correction."

Barney, Robin, and Patrice

Much to Robin's disgust, Barney is still dating her hated co-worker Patrice. Robin is convinced that Barney is only dating Patrice to get back at her, but Ted has a different theory. He believes Barney is "over-correcting" by seeking someone that is caring as opposed to hot. Regardless of the theory, Robin is determined to split them up. Her idea is to show Patrice the infamous playbook, which would expose Barney's womanizing ways. She breaks into Barney's apartment to steal it, but is sidetracked when Barney returns home.

While Barney talks on the phone to Patrice, Robin manages to hide in the closet. She calls Ted to help her escape from the apartment. He lures Barney out of the apartment, but Robin can't leave because she ends up finding the playbook. She asks Ted to get her out again, but he ends up hiding in Barney's apartment as well. Meanwhile, Patrice arrives to decorate for Barney with Christmas. Just when things can't get any crazier, Robin learns that Lily is hiding in the apartment as well. She tells Robin to get rid of the playbook, and she does so by placing it on Barney's bed. Patrice finds it and is upset, but Barney explains that he's not that person anymore. He tells Patrice that she makes him a better person. He ends up burning the book, making Patrice happy in the process. After the two leave, everyone manages to escape the apartment.

Later at the bar, Barney gives a speech about how everyone deserves to be happy. Robin is still convinced that he's lost his mind, but the rest of the gang believes that Barney really cares for Patrice. Robin tells everyone that they need to have an intervention for Barney, and the gang agrees. However, they end up staging the intervention for Robin because of her attitude toward Barney.

Marshall's mom is on the market

Marshall's mom Judy is coming to New York for a visit. When she shows up at the apartment, Judy tells Lily that she's interested in dating again. After getting advice from Lily, Judy ends up with a man. Much to the horror of Marshall, she ends up in bed with Lily's dad Mickey. A mortified Marshall hides in the closet while Mickey and Judy try to coax him out. Lily eventually shows up at home, where Marshall prepares to tell her what happened. Lily acts like she knows what's going on, but Lily doesn't know that her father is involved. After Marshall tells her, Lily can't hold back her vomit. At the end of the episode, Marshall and Lily tell their parents that they don't mind them dating. Sadly for them Mickey and Judy say that the whole thing was just about sex. After that, Marshall and Lily both end up shuddering in the closet.

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