'How I Met Your Mother' recap: Finding the right one

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The eighth season of "How I Met Your Mother" is under way, and it looks like things are being set in motion for the future. The episode opened and closed with some glimpses of the future wedding day for Barney and Robin, but the bulk of the show took place in the present. From the looks of things, there will be plenty of road blocks before Barney and Robin reach their "I Do's." Meanwhile, Ted's quest for love seems like it is getting back on track. Here is a recap of the Season 8 premiere of "How I Met Your Mother."

The Barney and Robin story

The episode opens with Ted waiting at a train station after Barney and Robin's wedding. He starts to tell a fellow passenger about the day, and it doesn't sound like things went well. The scene cuts to both Barney and Robin sharing feelings of doubt, raising questions about whether or not they will go through with it. After that, the show returns to the present where Robin is dealing with the emotional fallout of learning that Barney is engaged to Quinn.

To make matters worse, Quinn asks her and Lily to be bridesmaids. After speaking with Barney, Robin learns that he hasn't told Quinn that they once dated. In fact, he has seemingly erased all evidence that the two ever dated, including replacing her in one photograph with a tiger.

Eventually, sleep deprived parents Marshall and Lily spill the beans, revealing that Barney did date Robin. An upset Quinn raises questions about trust but feels better after meeting Robin's new boyfriend, Nick. Robin seems happy with her new guy, but it's clear she still has feelings for Barney, who gives her a key to a storage locker. There she discovers a box full of memories from their relationship. By the end of the episode, it is clear that Barney and Robin have unresolved feelings for each other.

Ted's quest for love

Back in the present, Ted's story picks up with Victoria and him driving into the sunset. However, Ted is upset when he learns that Victoria ditched her groom-to-be Klaus without leaving a note. After relating his story about being left at the altar, the two return so that Victoria can leave the note.

Of course, she has little interest in facing those she left behind, so Ted has to sneak in to place the note in the bridal suite. After a series of challenges, including the need to enlist Barney to seduce the groom's sister over the phone, Ted accomplishes the goal. Unfortunately, he leaves his car keys in the room and has to go back.

At that point, he is surprised to see Klaus sneaking away. Apparently, he couldn't go through with the marriage either. Later, Ted visits him at the train station to ask him why he didn't want to marry Victoria. Klaus says that while Victoria is wonderful, she wasn't the one. Klaus adds that everyone finds the one, but you don't know where or when. With that, the scene flashes forward to the train station where Ted sat at the beginning of the episode. The mother walks up the steps with her trademark umbrella, with Ted sitting on a nearby bench. Once again, there's another clue about the woman of Ted's dreams.

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