Miguel’s Message in ‘Corazón Valiente’: Recap

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Ángela Valdez and Samantha Sandoval have discovered a video of their dead father in "Corazón Valiente." Although the characters have only seen a portion of the video, the show has allowed viewers to watch the entire segment online as an extended scene. Miguel Valdez, who is the father of Ángela and Samantha's deceased bodyguard, reveals family secrets.

The Video from Miguel

The extended video from "Corazón Valiente" features Miguel Valdez. He created the video before dying in an explosion while attempting to rescue Samantha from kidnappers. Episode 1 of the telenovela provided this background information and included the scene of his death. Now, the show has decided to focus on a video that Miguel made for Ángela and Samantha.

Dreams for Ángela and Samantha

Miguel Valdez shares the dreams he has for Ángela and Samantha. He encourages them to pursue their happiness and reminds them how much he cares. He believes that Ángela will become a ballerina while Samantha will become a veterinarian. They watch the video with a mixture of smiles and tears as they remember Miguel. Both girls have become bodyguards as an homage to Miguel.

Additional Footage for Viewers

Unfortunately, Ángela and Samantha are not able to view the entire video left by Miguel. However, "Corazón Valiente" has provided viewers with the entire footage online. Miguel reveals family secrets in the segment that Ángela and Samantha are not able to see. He admits that he fell in love with both of their mothers and that they are half-sisters. Considering their similarities, it is not surprising that the girls are related.

Miguel was married to Estela, who is Ángela's mother, and had an affair with Perla. Miguel's affair with Perla resulted in the birth of Samantha. The girls grew up unaware of their relationship and did not know they were half-sisters. However, Estela was aware of Perla's affair and always had a deep resentment for Samantha. In the video, Miguel refers to his daughters as miracles while wanting their forgiveness.

The Viewers' Loss

Despite having access to additional footage, it is the viewers who lose. Miguel Valdez, who is portrayed by Jorge Luis Pila, has been limited to select scenes on the show. The video is a perfect example of his emotional range and skills as an actor. The viewers are the true losers because "Corazón Valiente" has decided to limit the appearances of this character in the story.

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