'Mike and Molly' Season 3 premiere recap: Bucket lists, hot kisses, and cats

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"The Honeymoon is Over," the highly entertaining Season 3 premiere of "Mike and Molly," delivered with funny scenarios, family dysfunction, and one eye-popping kiss.

Oui, oui, hairy armpits

While getting ready to head back to Chicago after their Parisian excursion, newlyweds Mike and Molly are already struggling with reality, even before they hit the plane.

Sporting a silly mustache that she can't stand, Molly tells Mike "If I have to kiss that French tickler one more time, I will go full-on French...legs and armpits!"

Bucket lists and red jammies

During the first-class flight, the recently marrieds reminisce about their wonderful Paris honeymoon with Mike particularly sentimental and reflective, pondering the meaning of life and creating a "Bucket List."

After Molly reminds her hubby that he didn't get a souvenir for his police partner, Carl, Mike steals one of the fancy pillows from the plane as his gift. He is also seen walking around wearing a pair of red flannel jammies where "one size really does fit all."

Mexican on the moon

Meanwhile, back at home, Molly's crazy family is loving their freedom, as they booze, eat, and trash the house and their loved ones while a parade of stray cats wander about, just like Molly predicted.

Molly's mom, played by the delightful Swoosie Kurtz, says that without Mike around, she enjoys "Walking into the bathroom without a gas mask and a canary," while dad brags about his new drink discovery, Tang and tequila, which he calls a "Mexican on the moon."

Officer Hot Lips

Carl, bitter that he didn't receive a phone call for the past two weeks, couldn't stop bashing Mike or praising his new, supposedly perfect, straight-laced, by-the-book cop partner.

As their temporary relationship comes to an end, Mr. Policeman plants a jaw-dropping long, hot kiss on Carl! The hot-lipped officer told a stunned Carl (and viewers), "You can find me on Facebook with the Jude Law profile picture." It was a hilarious, albeit very uncomfortable, moment.

When Mike returns to work and asks how he liked being with the new guy, Carl called him "clingy" and warned, "Don't you ever leave me again!"

Newlywed Glow

The strengths of "Mike and Molly" are a funny, talented cast, lead by the great physical humor and warmth of Melissa McCarthy, and the impressive comedic skills of Billy Gardell.

For the show to continue to succeed, sharp writing is the key, because they already possess solid performers and an easily identifiable premise. If they would let the actors break loose a bit more, the show would be even better.

Still, overall, it was an enjoyable way to kick off the season, and it's going to be interesting to see what the writers and directors do with the happy couple.

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