'The Mindy Project' Recap: 'Santa Fe' Sets Stage for a Complicated Season Finale

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'The Mindy Project' Recap: 'Santa Fe' Sets Stage for a Complicated Season Finale

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After Josh suggested that Mindy and Danny would make a good couple, Mindy is suddenly uncomfortable around …

Coming down the home stretch, "The Mindy Project" stands poised and ready for an explosive and potentially romantic season finale. "Santa Fe," the latest episode, fuels the fire with an exceptionally strong guest cast plus a real bombshell at the end.

The story opens with Mindy (Mindy Kaling) and Pastor Casey (Anders Holm from "Workaholics") sharing pillow talk about Dr. Lahiri's deep-seated fear of psychotic killers. Mindy is shocked to learn that Casey would try to forgive her killer instead of avenging her death. ("You wouldn't kill the insane psychopath who cut me in half with his hook hand and dumped both halves in a dumpster?")

While preparing to join Dr. Jeremy Reed (Ed Weeks) and her colleagues at a medical conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Mindy receives a call from cheating ex-boyfriend Josh (Tommy Dewey). He saw Mindy's tweet about the trip and, because he now lives near Santa Fe, wants to see her. Though a bit taken aback, Casey encourages Dr. Lahiri to see him in order to get closure.

In New Mexico, Dr. Reed has brunch with Dr. Walters, a leader in laparoscopic uterine techniques. Morgan (Ike Barinholtz) crashes their meal and -- in typical Morgan fashion -- bonds with Dr. Walters. Jeremy reminds him, however, that he has an urgent appointment: one that embarrasses Morgan ("Every day at 1 p.m., I have screaming diarrhea").

Meanwhile, Danny (Chris Messina) -- who thinks anything relating to Josh is bad news -- drives Mindy to see him. Her ex-boyfriend actually is staying at Clear Sands, a substance abuse clinic. Upon learning of his cocaine addiction, Mindy puts their relationship into cinematic perspective: "I was living 'Walk the Line.' He was Johnny Cash, I was Reese Witherspoon Cash."

Josh seems like his old self-absorbed self, but he offers Dr. Lahiri solid insights into her relationship with Danny: "You're a smart person, but you have a way of ignoring things, even when all the signs are there."

Mindy and Danny return to the conference for Dr. Reed's presentation, but his sweat lodge trip with Morgan leaves Jeremy extremely dehydrated. While running the audio-visual portion of the presentation, Morgan even starts hallucinating that a slide of the female reproductive system is really a charging bull.

A bumpy plane ride home prompts an intimate, hand-holding moment between Danny and Mindy. Upon returning to the practice, things get even bumpier when Danny's ex-wife Christina (Chloe Sevigny) shows up at the office.

With two episodes left in Season 1, "The Mindy Project" could conceivably end with Danny and Mindy in a passionate embrace a la Sam and Diane in "Cheers." Christina still has such a strong hold on Danny's emotions, however, that he might get back together with her. Mindy also has strong feelings for Pastor Casey, but that hand-holding moment and Josh's observations were pretty telling.

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