'Mistresses' Cancellation Likely? Four Reasons the New ABC Drama Might Not Get the Ax

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"Mistresses" Season 1

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ABC's "Mistresses" stars Yunjin Kim as Karen Kim, Erik Stocklin as Sam Grey, Brett Tucker as Harry Davis, Alyssa Milano as Savannah ("Savi") Davis, Jes Macallan as Josslyn Carver, Jason George as Dominic Taylor and Rochelle Aytes as April Malloy.

ABC's new drama "Mistresses" has only aired two episodes so far, but the show is already in trouble. The "Mistresses" series premiere on June 3 was ABC's lowest-rated premiere for a scripted series since 2011's ill-fated "Combat Hospital." Ratings for the show's second episode were slightly lower.

Those numbers are a big cause for concern, but "Mistresses" fans shouldn't start crying just yet. There are actually several reasons why "Mistresses" might get picked up for a second season, despite the show's rocky start.

1. There's nothing else on!

Early to mid-June is sort of a weird time for TV. Most of the scripted shows on network TV have been off the air for a couple of weeks, and only a handful of cable shows are still offering new episodes. In other words, the TV landscape is kind of barren.

That "nothing's on" perception could explain why TV fans missed the "Mistresses" premiere. It could also explain why the show could see ratings increase later this summer. Now that people have heard about the series, they might tune in. After all, there isn't much else on TV that's new and interesting.

2. On-demand viewers could become appointment viewers.

The show might have flown under the radar when it premiered, but on-demand and DVR watchers have had time to get caught up on the first couple of episodes. Once they're caught up, they might become appointment viewers.

Some shows are best viewed in marathon sessions. "Mistresses" may prove to be one of those shows, and it might pick up steam once new viewers get hooked after marathoning the first four or five installments.

3. It has a great cast!

Alyssa Milano. Penelope Ann Miller. Yunjin Kim. Shannyn Sossamon. These stunning ladies make up just a fraction of the talent on "Mistresses." Not only are these actresses talented, but they have devoted fans. This combination gives "Mistresses" a fighting chance at renewal.

4. "Mistresses" is perfect summer TV.

Summer weather has a big influence on people's artistic tastes. Even the most serious readers like to read something light and breezy when they're lying on a beach towel. In the same vein, TV fans who normally gravitate toward dark and gritty dramas in the winter often start watching shows that are light and breezy in the summer months.

True, there's some darkness and drama in "Mistresses," but the overall tone is frothy and fun. "Mistresses" is scandalous and totally OMG-worthy, and it's a show that fans will likely love to gush about with their friends. That word of mouth could boost ratings by the end of the season... if ABC is lucky.


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