‘The Mob Doctor’ recap: Grace and Constantine battle unexpected ‘Complications’

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A thrilling episode of "The Mob Doctor" opens with Grace being attacked by Franco and Moretti. The episode then flashes back to six hours earlier, where Grace is treating an ER patient with a case of extreme hypothermia. She was a swimmer practicing out in a lake, when she got hit by a speedboat. Despite being close to death with a low body temperature and no pulse, Grace and her boyfriend are able to bring her back from the brink of death with warm saline and defib paddles. However, she will still need surgery and her prognosis is not good.

When the so-called "swimmer" wakes up, however, she says that she never goes swimming. The last thing she remembered was walking her dog. Grace says her memory could be faulty because of the hypothermia, but her boyfriend orders a tox screen. Further study finds the "swimmer" has a nasty case of parasitic worms, and they've laid eggs in her brain.

Elsewhere, Constantine is securing his power base by getting another politician in his pocket. The gaming ordinance has passed, and Constantine will soon have a ton of cash coming in. But little does he know, Moretti is still alive. Moretti and Franco are making their move against Constantine today. That move starts with kidnapping Grace: The two guys tie her up and throw her in the trunk of a car.

Moretti tells Grace that she has 10 minutes to get Constantine to come to them, or Moretti will kill Grace and her brother. Grace calls Constantine and concocts a story about wanting to start a medical clinic and asks him to meet her at 4 p.m. However, Constantine is smart enough to sense that something is wrong and has Grace's brother try to figure out what's really going wrong.

Later, Grace hits Franco over the head and tries to escape from where Moretti is holding her hostage. As she runs away, Moretti shoots her in the thigh, and she starts bleeding profusely. She hides out in a building, and scavenges some tools and supplies to treat her leg wound with. She uses a pair of pliers to rip the bullet out of her thigh. She is able to limp to an office outbuilding, where she calls Constantine to warn him about the ambush. Constantine rescues Grace, and she makes it home safe and sound. He promises to protect her from any more attacks.

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