‘The Mob Doctor’ recap: Grace wants to cut ties with the Mob

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On the second-to-last episode of the year, "The Mob Doctor" sees Franco doing more dirty work for the feds, while Grace tries to get Constantine to release her from their deal now that Moretti is off the streets.

While the last episode of "The Mob Doctor" ended with Agent York telling Franco that it was time to pull him out of the mob, this episode revealed Franco trying harder than ever to prove why he should stay in Chicago. York wants to relocate Franco to a safe place in Miami. Franco argues that Constantine's plans are to expand his power base in Chicago. If Franco can keep working the case, then the feds might be able to bring down more than just Constantine…they could bring down the whole of Chicago's organized crime scene, which includes many different crime families. York agrees to let Franco stay and keep working to bring Constantine down.

Viewers are introduced to the O'Connells, who run the north side of the city. Constantine currently controls the south side of the city but wants to show respect to north-side leader Seamus O'Connell. Seamus is a bit of a hypochondriac and refuses to attend a meeting of all the crime bosses. He sends his live-in girlfriend Celeste in his place, and she proves to be quite useful. She is able to link all of Constantine's various do-gooder enemies to call girls, ensuring that judges and politicians will stay silent against the mob. With this information, Constantine is able to ally himself with other criminal outfits and secure his power base.

Meanwhile, Grace has her own agenda with Constantine. She wants out of their deal, especially once she learns that Franco is working for the feds, and she should get out of the city, because the FBI has a file on her.

However, Constantine won't let Grace break their deal. If she tries to walk, she will pay the price…or her family might. In addition to all that, Grace also has to help a neighbor named Kate kick her addiction to heroin. The situation gets complicated when Grace learns that Kate's boyfriend is also her dealer. By the end of the episode, however, Grace is able to get Kate into a detox treatment program.

On top of all this, Grace is also involved in another case at the hospital. A man named Scott is admitted after breaking several bones while base jumping. However, the team finds evidence that he may have cancer. Further testing of Scott's eyes reveals that he doesn't actually have cancer: The false positive was caused by a parasite he consumed, likely in some form of raw meat.

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