‘The Mob Doctor’ recap: An innocent bystander dies in a ‘Turf War’

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"The Mob Doctor" episode "Turf War" opens with a flashback to Grace's childhood, the day when she opened a "forbidden" drawer in her desk and saw a gun. She hid the gun, believing it to be her father's. However, the gun belonged to her mom.

Flashing forward, Grace is holed up in her apartment, tending to her gunshot wound from the previous episode. It has been three days since she got shot, and she's been hiding in her house with a guard outside. She calls Ro to ask for some supplies from the hospital, but when Ro shows up, it's clear to her that Grace has been shot. However, Grace won't tell her what is going on, and Ro gets called in to the hospital to attend to gunshot victims. Grace decides to go in, as well: After three days, she is clearly restless.

Elsewhere, Constantine prepares to ship his gaming machines but is also still looking for Moretti. Later, Moretti's men prepare to raid Constantine's warehouse and destroy his machines. But when they arrive, the crates in the warehouse are all empty: Constantine's men have staged an ambush. The ensuing firefight spills out into the street with gunfire spraying into a car that happened to be driving by. The two women in the car are injured and rushed to the hospital where Doctor Devlin and her team can treat them.

The two women in the car are mother and daughter. The mother, who was the passenger, is mostly OK. However, the daughter is in worse shape. One bullet lodged in her stomach, while the other is lodged in her brain. The stomach bullet isn't life-threatening, but the one in her brain is causing bleeding that could kill her.

Grace offers the mother two choices: remove part of the brain to stop the bleeding, which could result in loss of speech and motor function; or a medication that can help with clotting but could kill her if it doesn't work. The mom chooses the medication, but it doesn't work. Grace tries to revive her, but she dies. The mother blames Grace and freaks out.

Grace's day gets even worse when her boyfriend breaks up with her for being too secretive. Realizing she can't stand to lose another important person in her life, she finally tells Ro that she's working for the mob. Ro agrees to help Grace, and the two work on the dead woman's body. They remove the bullet that was in her abdomen and replace it with the bullet that was used to shoot Grace to misdirect the forensics team.

Constantine finally tracks down Moretti, and gives him an ultimatum: bring him Franco and get out of town, or die. Moretti has a different play: make Franco lead the charge into Moretti's own home and kill him there. However, before they can attack Constantine, the FBI and cops show up and arrest Moretti. Because of Grace's bullet switch, it now looks like Moretti shot the car accident victim.

In the final scene, it is revealed that Franco has been secretly working for the FBI as an undercover agent. He wants to keep working with the feds, but they want to terminate their relationship with him.

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