‘The Mob Doctor’ recap: A man comes back from the dead in ‘Resurrection’

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The penultimate episode of "The Mob Doctor" is called "Resurrection." After the surprising introduction of Constantine's son in the previous episode, this episode opens with a hit man inspecting his weapons. His target: Constantine's son, Luke!

At the bakery, Constantine meets with his son, who is in real estate trouble in Miami after borrowing money from the Nogales Cartel. Despite the fact that Constantine hasn't seen his son in 25 years, Constantine offers Luke a place to stay to avoid the heat.

At the hospital, Grace treats an ER patient with an unstable heart rhythm, who was upstairs with his pregnant wife taking a lamaze class. Grace tried to save his life, but the man dies, and she has to break the news to his pregnant wife. But when the wife asks to see her her husband, he wakes up.

While the team tries to figure out what's going on with their Lazarus patient, Grace is called in by Constantine to treat Al Trapani's girl, Chloe. Grace suspects that Chloe's silicone implants are leaking, causing flu-like symptoms. However, the implants turn out to be saline…and then Chloe's urinary tract starts to hemorrhage.

It turns out that Chloe has a massive tumor on her prostate: Chloe used to be a man. Despite the fact that she needs surgery, Chloe is reluctant: If Al finds out her secret, he will kill both Chloe and Grace to save face. Grace does the surgery, tells Al it was an abdominal tumor that required the removal of Chloe's uterus, explaining why she couldn't have kids. However, it turns out that Al knew Chloe's secret all along and didn't care.

Meanwhile, the team learns that the Lazarus patient had been taking foxglove, an herbal supplement to treat his cough. He had overdosed on the medicine, causing nightmares and his heart problem. His wife goes into labor and delivers a healthy baby boy.

Constantine learns that his son is the target of a Cartel hit and finds him just in time. After getting rid of Luke's cell phone to throw the hit man off his trail, Constantine tells Luke that he needs to be more careful. However, they then learn that the hit man has gone dark, and there's no way that the cartel can recall the hit.

Gio tricks the hit man into coming to a motel where Luke is supposed to be staying. There, Constantine gets the drop on the hit man, killing him in the bathroom. With a truce orchestrated between Constantine and the Nogales cartel, Constantine goes out. But Stavos soon learns that Trapani lied about the truce, and Constantine's life is in danger.

A Nogales hit squad comes to the bakery, killing Constantine's men and torturing Stavos for information. Meanwhile, Constantine visits Grace's mother and says they need to tell Grace their secret. Before that secret is revealed, Grace's mom and Constantine are mowed down by another hit squad. Luke might know their secret, but will he be able to find Grace and tell her?

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