‘The Mob Doctor’ recap: ‘Sibling Rivalry’

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Did you miss the latest episode of "The Mob Doctor" while you were out celebrating New Year's Eve? Good news! This is a comprehensive recap that will get you caught up in no time.

In the episode, "Sibling Rivalry," Grace treats the estranged brother of Brett, her ex-boyfriend. Meanwhile, someone sends a "champagne bomb" to Constantine, and Celeste must help him figure out who's behind the attempt on his life. Oh yeah … and Nate steals a racehorse that needs a very special kind of medical attention.

The episode opens with Constantine taste-testing some desserts at a bakery. This bakery is just a front for laundering money, but he still wants to make sure that he's doing things the right way. Celeste comes by to confront Constantine about promising both her and another member of the syndicate a 50 percent cut of downtown profits.

To smooth things over, Constantine proposes a champagne toast with the bottle that Celeste sent him. There's just one problem: Celeste never sent him any champagne. The box the champagne comes in is rigged with explosives, but Constantine and Stavos are able to deactivate the bomb.

At the hospital, a VIP patient is airlifted in. The man is the US attorney's son, Jack Hanson, who was injured in a cycling accident … and he also happens to be Brett's brother (Brett changed his last name during college to stay anonymous).

Shortly afterward, Grace gets a call from Nate. He needs help with a prize-winning race horse. He was trying to steal some of its valuable semen, gave it Viagra, and now the erection won't go down … and the horse has to race tomorrow! Grace gives the horse some drugs to help his "situation," but it makes things worse. Using ice and ketamine, she is able to help the horse.

During surgery, Brett's brother has a sudden drop in blood pressure caused by a pulmonary embolism. He's going progressively paralytic after his injuries, and the surgical team needs more information about how Brett's brother hit the pavement. Brett's father orders a copy of the security tapes from outside the courthouse where the accident happened. When they see the footage, it's clear that Brett's brother actually lost consciousness before he crashed his bike.

The cause of Jack's health problems turns out to be an infected UV tattoo on Jack's chest, done in a shop in Barbados … and that tattoo also reveals that he was having an affair with his boss. After being treated with a botulism antitoxin, Jack makes a full recovery, and Brett helps to keep his secret.

Meanwhile, Constantine tracks down Jimmy Needles, a bomb maker, who says he made the champagne bomb for the Amato brothers. When Constantine confronts them, it turns out that only the older Amato brother commissioned the hit: Constantine shoots him and lets the younger brother live. When Constantine returns to his bakery, he finds a surprise guest waiting for him: his son!

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