‘Modern Family’ 4.10 recap, review: ‘Diamond in the Rough’ has a rough start

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This week's "Modern Family" episode started out a little rough but transformed into a gem as the Pritchett-Dunphy clan teamed up to make over a Little League baseball field with a second storyline that was(n't) music to our ears!

Who knew that Claire (Julie Bowen) wasn't fulfilled being a stay-at-home mom? In this episode, she reveals she's recently applied for five jobs, because she wants to contribute to her kids' education -- and buy herself a pair of boots. Cam (Eric Stonestreet) used to feel the same way, but now he's the school choir director, so he has the best both worlds.

Speaking of choirs, this episode featured a ton of singing. Or not. A very pregnant Gloria (Sofia Vergara) hooked up a microphone to her belly and started singing to her baby in utero. Too bad we had to hear it, too. (Hence the rough start to this episode.) As the tone deaf Glo sang "Twinkle, twinkle, little lamb" and "Hush Little Baby," her ever-suffering husband Jay (Ed O'Neill) had a response to the lyric, "and if that mockingbird won't sing, Papa's gonna buy you a diamond ring."

"Papa would buy 10 diamond rings to get that mockingbird to shut the hell up," he said.

With a farmer-clad Cam (move over Fizbo, it's Farmbo) and Claire fixing up a run-down baseball field for Manny and Luke's Little League team, they decide they could use their makeover skills for a money-making venture. After they see a house that's selling for dirt cheap, this odd couple decides they want to try their hands at house flipping.

Cam declares that he should be in charge of design, because he knows all about colors and shapes ("Yeah…so does Lily," Mitchell quips, referring to their 5-year-old daughter). But of course, their sensible significant others attempt to put the kibosh on the idea. This storyline -- which features a silly exchange of group text messages -- has Phil and Mitchell both blaming the other for being the bad guy.

As with most sitcoms, everything is wrapped up neatly within a 22-minute time frame. Mitch and Phil are impressed by Cam and Claire's ball field redo, and a house flip is in the works. (Oh, imagine the storylines for this family project!) And Gloria has one more song: She sings the "National Anthem" at the kids' ballgame, and while she's no Mariah, no ball-field singer has more heart than her.

In the end, Phil's final words of wisdom apply to all of the couples on this show.

"That's the funny thing about marriage. You fall in love with this extraordinary person, and over time, they begin to seem ordinary," he said. Then (because this is a sitcom, after all), he adds, "I think it's all the nagging."

"Modern Family" airs on Wednesdays at 9 PM ET on ABC.

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