‘Modern Family’ kids get big pay raise: Here's what former child TV stars earned

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The "Modern Family" kids are getting paid!

The pint-sized actors on the hit ABC sitcom recently completed salary negotiations, and just like their adult counterparts, they are getting a sweet pay bump.

According to Deadline, child actors Rico Rodriguez, 14, Nolan Gould, 13, and Ariel Winter, 14, will nearly triple their salaries, now earning $70,000 per episode for the upcoming season. Sarah Hyland, 21, will also earn in that range.

The hefty raises come just a month after the adults on the show received highly publicized pay increases. (Think $170,000 - $180,000 per episode!) Still, the kids' high salaries are anything but child's play.

So how does all this add up compared to the salaries of other iconic child TV stars?

Angus T. Jones -- "Two and a Half Men"

He's no longer a child star (he turned 18 last October), but "Two and a Half Men" actor Angus T. Jones recently held the title as the highest paid child star on TV. According to Buzzlog, Jones earned a staggering $250,000 per episode at the age of 16. By comparison, popular "Hannah Montana" star Miley Cyrus only raked in $15,000 per episode at that time.

Barry Williams -- "The Brady Bunch"

The former "Brady Bunch" star spilled the beans on his '70s show salary. On his website, Barry Williams answered the question about how much he made per episode on the iconic sitcom. "In year 5, $1100," he wrote. He elaborated that that amount equates to about $35,000 per episode today.

Meanwhile, Williams' television little sister -- the "youngest one in curls"-- has a few salary stories of her own. In an interview with AOL TV, Susan Olsen said her biggest Brady regret is "not getting paid more." She even said that she passed on doing the 1988 TV movie "A Very Brady Christmas" due to money. "They contractually only needed five out of six kids," she said. "Since they had us all, they were over budget. They decided to let me be the one to get paid less. I let them know what I thought of the idea. "

Melissa Gilbert - "Little House on the Prairie"

Half Pint's pay wasn't half bad! Around the time the Brady kids were barely cracking four figures, "Little House on the Prairie" star Melissa Gilbert was making more than a prairie penny. According to Entertainment Weekly, by the end of Gilbert's nine-year run on the show, she earned a hefty $75,000 per week.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen -- "Full House"

They started splitting their "Full House" role when they were still in diapers, and the pay was slow going. According to CBS News, twins Mary-Kate and Ashley were only making scale wages in the third season of their sitcom stint. But manager Roger Thorne said, "They were the lynchpin of the show, and I was aghast when I saw what they were making." Thorne was instrumental in getting the girls a raise of up to $150,000 per episode -- per twin!

Nancy McKeon-- "The Facts of Life"

Back in 1984, actress Nancy McKeon famously demanded more money for playing the popular Jo Polniaczek on the long-running series "The Facts of Life." According to "The E True Hollywood Story," McKeon -- who was paid the "drop dead minimum" when she started on the show at age 14 -- no-showed for the first two Season 6 tapings, which resulted in a breach of contract lawsuit from Embassy Television. In the end, McKeon was given a substantial raise, and the lawsuit was dropped. McKeon's former manager Greg Sims said, "I would say that all of them successfully renegotiated some higher pay schedule."

Mindy Cohn -- "The Facts of Life"

While she was reportedly making $10,000 per episode back in 1983, in an interview with Out in Hollywood, actress Mindy Cohn said she and her "Facts" co-stars "never got paid and still don't get paid for DVDs and reruns." Cohn said the gang decided to band together for the 2001 "Facts Of Life" reunion because "the consensus was that this was going to be a very big payday for us, and we had earned it … It really was that we felt we were owed."

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