‘Modern Family’ recap: It’s a ‘Fulgencio’ family feud

The birth of the Pritchett baby brings Gloria’s Colombian family to town

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It's a classic sitcom storyline: A doting grandma comes to town after the birth of a TV baby, and the new father is treated like a second-class citizen in his own house. Who can forget Mother Slaghoople's visit to "The Flintstones" cave when baby Pebbles was born, and Fred's forced mantra, "I love my mother-in-law...I love my mother-in-law"?

But "Modern Family" gives us a modern-day take on the age-old mother-in-law dilemma, and this one includes Jay's shocking revelation (to him, anyway!) that his passive aggressive mother-in-law, Pilar (played by Elizabeth Pena), never actually liked him.

Of course, Pilar's just annoyed because Jay doesn't want to go with the family name she picked out for the new Pritchett baby: Fulgencio Umberto.

"The initials are F.U. Pritchett, which is exactly the way it feels right now," Jay says.

It's then that Mama reveals that she never liked Jay. And while the expected language barrier doesn't happen in this episode (there are no shades of "I Love Lucy," like when Ricky's Cuban mother came to town and Lucy couldn't understand a word she said), one revelation was loud and clear: No matter how hard Jay tries, he can't seem to win his in-law over.

"Son of a b ---- , I'm Phil!" he says.

Sisterly love

Speaking of revelations, Gloria's sister Sonia (Stephanie Beatriz) has one of her own. She finds out that Gloria's chance meeting of wealthy Jay -- when he sent over a piece of pie to their table at a diner -- was actually meant for her. While the jealous Sonia tries to pummel Gloria for "stealing her life" (at baby F.U.'s christening, no less!), it's nothing that a stash of dresses and shoes from Gloria's massive closet can't fix.

Kill 'em with kindness

Leave it to the godfather to come up with a master plan for his kids' problems. Phil, who has been chosen as the godfather for Jay and Gloria's baby, tells his own brood to kill their enemies with kindness and takes it upon himself to get the ball rolling. But when that backfires, he takes his godfather role to heart and instructs his kids to take up revenge on their nemeses. (Luke's planting of a stuffed zebra head in his tormentor's bed is especially touching.)

By the way, in the end Jay and Gloria name the baby Fulgencio Joseph. But you can call him Joe.

"Modern Family" airs on Wednesdays at 9 PM ET on ABC.

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